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12 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Just because you’re practicing social distancing, doesn’t mean you can’t have an exceptionally fun date night.

We’ve gathered our team’s favorite activities for a fun night with your loved one to keep the romance alive:

1. Game Night

Have a game night! Mix in board games, video games and multi-player phone games to see who the true gaming champ is. Or, relive some of your favorite childhood games like hide-and-seek or Twister to move around and get your heart rate up. Keep it interesting by keeping score and wagering a back rub or chores for the week.

2. Romantic Dinner for Two

Romance is alive in the time of COVID-19! Even though you’re staying in, you can still dress up in your favorite date-night outfit. Start the evening by making a favorite specialty cocktail, and order in or cook a main course and dessert course. Light candles for subtle mood lighting and find a playlist – many platforms have cooking music or dinner music playlists to set the mood!

3. Dance Like No One Is Watching

There are infinite dancing tutorials on the internet – this is the perfect time to start thinking about your first dance for your wedding day or brush up on your skills for other events. Learn a romantic dance, like a Waltz, or master a trending TikTok dance!

4. Hold a Tasting Event

Try with anything from wine, chocolate, coffee or tea – or a combination! You and your significant other can write down your tasting notes and compare. This is a great way to involve some of your local craft creators – many offer delivery or contact-free pick up, and would love to provide guidance for the tasting event.

5. Learn a Duet & Record a Performance

If you’ve been learning a new instrument, or taking more time to practice an old skill, learn a duet with your significant other. Once you’ve mastered it, make a recording or go live in concert on social media!

6. Get Crafty & Creative

Find a painting tutorial online that would be a great addition to your home décor and follow the video as your own wine and paint night. Once dry, you can hang them together!

7. Spa Day

Self-care is always important, but especially as stress and anxious feelings creep up. Start the day by looking up DIY recipes to make bath bombs or salts, or a soothing face mask. Learn how to give stress-relieving back rubs, then spend some time enjoying your DIY creations!

8. Swap Favorites

Learn more about your partner through their favorites! Have a movie night switching off between your favorite films, or even the last concert from each of your favorite artists. If you’re getting sick of screens, pick out a book for each other to read and then discuss in a mini book club!

9. Double Date

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your go-to double date duo. Drink some brunchy cocktails and enjoy your favorite breakfast comfort foods on a lazy weekend morning while catching up over video chat!

10. Glamp!

Use your backyard for makeshift camping – set up a tent and sleeping bags in the backyard to spend a night outside of the house and under the stars. If you don’t have a backyard, move the furniture to the corners of your room, and set up a fort or tent inside! Whip up your favorite picnic and camping cuisine, and maybe even tell spooky stories to get your heart racing!

11. Support Local Organizations and Businesses Virtually

Many local organizations and companies are offering virtual experiences! Research your area and see what you can participate in for free, or to help support your local businesses. Examples we’ve found include animal shows at zoos, museum tours, and bartending classes for you and your loved one to participate in together and learn something new!

12. Take a Night to Yourself

Sometimes the best thing you can do for each other and for your relationship is give space. Being inside together all the time can be a difficult transition. While making time for romance is important, so is taking time for yourself! Be honest with your partner about what you need and don’t hesitate to make one of these date night ideas a “me” night!

Final Thoughts

What are your tips for sheltering-in-place with a significant other? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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