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How to Write a Best Man Speech: Examples, Templates, & Opening Lines

Whether it’s for a friend or family member, we have tips for how to write a best man speech. We’ve rounded up everything that goes into an inspiring, entertaining crowd-pleaser: jokes, quotes, themes, opening lines. From icebreakers to start and toasts to finish, here are ideas for your best man speech.

What should a best man speech include?

At the end of the day, you’re just telling your friends you’re happy for them (and the fact that the wedding is all about them should take away some pressure). So when you’re deciding what to include in your best man speech, remember: Humor is memorable, but honesty is meaningful. So aim for a combination and try to hit these key points.

How long should a best man speech be?

Like the saying goes, “Be brief, be brilliant, be gone.” A best man speech should always be under 5 minutes, usually three. To keep the attention of your audience, fit it all into 750 words.

Length increases boredom, not sentiment. Trimming your speech down to its essentials means you prioritize quality, which will make your words more impactful and easier to remember. Staying short and sweet can also help with any fears of public speaking because it’ll all be over soon.

How to Write a Best Man Speech

Find a Theme

Create an Outline

How to Start a Best Man Speech

A greeting and a hearty congratulations kick things off. Here are a few prompts to start your best man speech.

Opening Line Ideas

After a “good evening” or a “hello,” here are a few transitions to get to the good stuff. Brainstorm with a written or verbal stream of consciousness to help identify your feelings. You can pare them down later.

How to End a Best Man Speech

Whether you give your best man speech at the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, you can always end it with a toast. To finish on a positive, uplifting note, here are a few concluding thoughts for well wishes and looking ahead.

Speech Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

There are standards for speaking at a ceremony. Here are the rules to live by when you want your best man speech to be unforgettable for the right reasons

Example Prompt Ideas

Here are a few best man speech ideas to keep the atmosphere light and joyful while celebrating the couple’s uniqueness.


Nothing wrong with straightforward and authentic.


Depending on the formality of the guest list and the wedding venue (beach vs. church), you can loosen your black tie when it comes to humor. But you’ll want to be respectful and give the couple a heads up.


Whether it’s from a role model in your lives (coach, relative, etc.), or an adage from another language, it’s common to borrow a bit of filler for your best man speech.

Best Man Speech Templates

For Friend

Memories of your time together through thick and thin, and how your friendship has remained constant.

“[Friend’s Name] and I have shared countless adventures over the years, and our friendship has survived every challenge, even [memory]. They’re the kind of friend who’s always there when you need them, whether it’s [example]. That’s why I know they’ll be an amazing partner to [Partner’s Name].”

For Younger Brother:

As an older sibling, look to your brother’s future. Talk about the exciting things that lie ahead: travels, career accomplishments, life milestones, etc. Share your pride.

“I can’t believe this day has finally arrived. It feels like just yesterday we were [childhood memory]. But as the years went by, I watched as my little brother met [Partner’s Name] and transformed into the incredible person they are today.”

For Older Brother:

Speak to how their support has shaped you, or what you learned by watching them face life’s challenges first.

“[Brother’s Name] has always been more than a brother to me. I’ve always looked up to [Brother’s Name] for [their characteristics], and now they’ve found a partner who [balances or complements these traits]. That’s why they’re perfect for each other.”

For Cousin:

Express your happiness for their partner joining your family traditions or how they’ve become an integral part of them.

“Growing up as cousins, [Cousin’s Name] and I had a bond beyond family ties. So when [Partner’s Name] came into the picture, I knew my cousin found their missing puzzle piece. I’m so excited for [Partner’s Name] to join our family vacations and holiday gatherings.”

For Dad:

Talk about the importance of togetherness; how the couple’s union represents two families merging to become one. Or offer tongue-in-cheek parental advice.

“My father has always been dedicated to family. He was always willing to go the extra mile for his loved ones. The love he shares with [Partner’s Name] is a testament to the trust and respect that you’ve instilled in our family.”

Final Thoughts

A best man speech is a rare chance to dig deep, get vulnerable, and tell those close to you how significant they are in your life. These prompts and templates can all get you started, but with the nuances of your relationship and theirs, you can make the tradition all your own. Best of luck!

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