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Light it up with a halo engagement ring. Our halo rings spotlight the center diamond for even more shine.

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Halo engagement rings feature an aura of shining diamonds that wrap center stones in an aura of brilliant light. They go above and beyond in sparkle, adding luxuriousness and glamour to any style. Popular for centuries, halo engagement rings hail from the early Georgian era (1714-1837) in European history. But it wasn't until the Victorian era (1837-1901) that the halo engagement ring exploded in popularity. Today, they are as loved and coveted as ever.

Each Brilliant Earth halo engagement ring setting is unique. From understated plain metal settings with a delicate round halo, luxe and bold styles adorned with larger diamonds, to design-forward one-of-a-kind designs, halo engagement rings are, across the board, an undeniably a glamorous choice. Set your halo engagement ring with a traditional round diamond or choose a distinctive shape for an unbeatable look.

A halo ring refers to a type of jewelry that features a central gemstone, such as a diamond or sapphire, surrounded by smaller gemstones set in a circular or square arrangement. These smaller gems are often diamonds, but can also be other precious stones, such as rubies or emeralds. The purpose of the halo setting is to accentuate the center stone and create a more glamorous and dramatic look. Halo rings are popular in both engagement rings and other types of jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces.

When it comes to choosing the diamond shape for a halo engagement ring, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, some shapes are more popular than others because they complement the halo setting better. Here are some popular diamond shapes for halo engagement rings:

  • Round: This shape is the most popular choice for halo engagement rings because it complements the halo setting perfectly, creating a dazzling and timeless effect.
  • Cushion: This shape has soft edges and a square or rectangular shape, making it an excellent choice for a vintage or classic-style halo engagement ring.
  • Princess: This shape has sharp corners and clean lines, making it an excellent choice for a modern and sophisticated halo engagement ring.
  • Oval: This shape elongates the finger and creates a unique and romantic look for a halo engagement ring.

A halo ring and a pave ring are two different types of settings for diamond rings. The primary difference between the two is the way that the diamonds are set. Here are the differences:

Halo ring:

  • A halo ring features one center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds that create a "halo" effect around the center stone.
  • The smaller diamonds in a halo ring are often set close together to create a seamless ring of sparkle.
  • A halo setting is designed to enhance the appearance of the center diamond, making it appear larger and more brilliant.

Pave ring:

  • A pave ring features small diamonds set closely together on the band of the ring.
  • The diamonds in a pave ring are set in tiny "pockets" in the metal, so they sit flush with the surface of the ring.
  • The goal of a pave setting is to create a continuous sparkle along the band of the ring, rather than to enhance the appearance of a single center stone.
When choosing a halo engagement ring, several factors should be considered. Firstly, the shape of the center stone plays a significant role, as the halo design complements various diamond shapes, such as round, cushion, and princess cuts. Secondly, the size of the center stone is crucial, as the halo can create the illusion of a larger diamond; however, it's essential to ensure that the center stone is proportionate to the halo. Additionally, the choice of metal type is an important decision, with popular options including platinum, white gold, and rose gold. The width of the band also matters, as a wider band provides more stability for the center stone, while a thinner band offers a more delicate appearance. Lastly, the overall style of the ring can be influenced by the style of the halo and the band, allowing for classic, vintage, or modern looks.
The average carat size for a halo ring depends on various factors, such as personal preference, budget, and the size of the center stone. However, generally, the carat weight of the center diamond in a halo engagement ring ranges from 0.50 to 1.50 carats, with the halo diamonds adding an extra 0.25 to 1.00 carats. The total carat weight of a halo engagement ring, including the center and halo diamonds, usually ranges from 1 to 2.50 carats. Keep in mind that carat weight alone doesn't determine the beauty of a ring. The cut, clarity, and color of the diamonds also play a significant role in the overall appearance of the ring.