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Gemstone Guide


Learn how to evaluate a diamond based on the “four Cs” and how to balance these measures to select a gorgeous diamond within your budget.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Learn the key differences between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds.


Because of their rich color, sapphires are evaluated differently than diamonds. Learn about the unique properties of these gorgeous gems, and how to select your ideal sapphire.


An emerald is always a gorgeous and distinctive choice for an engagement ring. Learn how to select one of these stunning green gemstones.

Birthstones by Month

Learn about sought after pale blue aquamarines, rich purple amethysts, and other semiprecious gemstones.


Learn the key differences between moissanite and diamond including durability, brilliance, and color.

Gemstone Meanings

Read to discover the legends associated with some of the world’s most treasured jewels.

Engagement Ring Guide

Discover everything you need to know before purchasing an engagement ring.

Wedding Band Guide

Explore all the different types of wedding bands before selecting your dream ring!

Ring Size Chart

Find out how to measure your ring size at home using our free ring sizer and ring size chart!

Vintage Jewelry Guide

Read this guide to learn more about some of the most distinctive hallmarks of the vintage jewelry design eras!