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All About June Birthstones


If you’re a June birthday baby or are shopping for one, you have lots of options when it comes to pearl birthstone jewelry.

Pearl and moonstone are two of  June’s birthstones, and both of these gems have a rich history and unique beauty. Birthstone jewelry also makes a heartfelt gift for a new mom who has had a June baby.  Here’s the scoop on June’s extraordinary birthstones:

June Birthstone History

For centuries pearls were the most valuable gem. They were treasured in ancient cultures around the world, and the 1500s of Tudor England were known as the Pearl Age. Ancient Chinese cultures believed that wearing pearls protected you from fire and dragons, and other cultures have associated them with chastity and modesty. In Victorian England small seed pearls were often used in mourning jewelry to symbolize tears.

In the early 1900s people in Asia discovered how to create cultured pearls by carefully placing a small nucleus into a living oyster, which then forms a pearl around the nucleus. Since the invention of the culturing technique, which allows pearls to be created in oyster farms, pearls have become less expensive than they once were. However, these lustrous gems are as beautiful as ever, whether cultured or wild-harvested, saltwater or freshwater, luminous white or one of the many other colors in which pearls naturally occur. Pearls are incredibly versatile, at once a go-to accessory for First Ladies and society matrons and beloved by cutting-edge fashion lovers like Rihanna.

Moonstone exhibits an almost magical, multicolored glow called adularescence, caused by light scattering between the mineral’s internal layers. This dreamy quality made it popular with artistic Art Nouveau jewelers, and moonstone is frequently seen in jewelry from that design era. It regained popularity during the hippie era of the 1960s and 70s, because of its otherworldly appearance.

Hindu mythology has said that moonstone is made of moonbeams, and many other cultures connect moonstone with moonlight because its multi-hued glow resembles the look of moonlight on the water or seen through thin clouds. With the recent popularity of vampire stories moonstone has had some big pop culture moments: The character Bella wears a moonstone ring in the film versions of the Twilight series, and rumor has it that True Blood star Anna Paquin’s real-life engagement ring features a moonstone (though some sources say that the center gem is a rough cut diamond, and the star hasn’t spilled the details).

June Birthstone Jewelry: Pearl

Pearls are prized for their natural beauty, rarity, and unique appeal. Pearls grow naturally in mollusks. Pearls can vary in color, from a bright white, to peach and pink, and even to deep blues and greys, all with a luminous and satin sheen. They are known to evoke light, warmth, and love, and make the perfect gift for those born in June. This June birthstone looks great in modern designs, but we also love vintage pearl jewelry.

Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

A beautifully matched pair of premium Akoya cultured pearls are mounted on classic white gold push back posts, exuding elegance and beauty.

Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant

A premium Akoya cultured pearl and shimmering diamond accent hang from a classic white gold cable chain. This elegant, organic pearl features brilliant luster and shine with traditional grace and beauty.

Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl Twist Pendant

This spectacular pendant is crafted in recycled sterling silver and features a lustrous premium round Akoya cultured pearl centered in a delightfully sculptural twist.

Pearl Halo Diamond Earrings

A beautifully matched pair of freshwater cultured pearls are each surrounded by a stunning halo of pavé-set diamond accents in these timeless earrings

June Birthstone Jewelry: Moonstone

Moonstones are recognized for their stunning earthy glow. They range from very translucent to opaque in appearance. Their beauty is often described as mysterious or otherworldly. Vintage moonstone jewelry makes for a magical June birthday gift.

The Kata Ring

This Victorian-era ring is truly magical, showcasing a cats-eye moonstone in an ever so delicate 10K rose gold setting.

Antique June Birthstone Rings

The Cinta Ring

A luminous rose colored cultured pearl rests at the center of a diamond halo in this unique Edwardian-era 10K yellow gold and sterling silver ring.

The Dyna Ring

This one of a kind Victorian-era beauty, expertly crafted in 15K rose gold, features a lustrous seed pearl complemented by a natural turquoise cabochon accent on each side.

The Celinda Ring


A lustrous cultured pearl sits beautifully in 14K rose gold. Sparkling old European cut diamond accents surround the center and a 14K yellow gold band completes this head-turning Edwardian-style design.

Final Thoughts

Which June birthstone is your favorite—or is it too hard to choose just one?  Let us know on InstagramFacebookTwitter or in the comments section!


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Miriam Lebron Says:
June 20th, 2019 at 10:35 am

Very beautiful Jewerý, I was born on July
So all the Jèwery were just beautiful and extravagant for any occasion. Keep up with the good news.

Richard vermillion Says:
November 3rd, 2018 at 10:32 am

Very interesting stuff definitely will be looking into this website more

Harriette Hankins Says:
June 22nd, 2018 at 8:50 pm

I have always loved my birth month. When I realized my birthstone, I really felt unique. I spent many years in a church that didn’t believe in wearing jewelry. Now, I’m discovering June’s warm and lovely stones. It’s amazing to see each designer capture us June babies personalities and lives in a piece of jewelry. Each June birthstone piece I’ve seen seems to capture my essence. How awesome! I love it!

Anitra Says:
March 12th, 2018 at 10:55 am

What about the alexandrite? It is also June’s birthstone. Such a beautiful stone yet no mentioned of it in this article.

Norma Raymond Says:
March 4th, 2018 at 8:33 pm

What about alexandrite for June?

Donna Wikle Says:
July 20th, 2017 at 8:17 pm

I learned a lot about pearls Anxios to learn about others.

Donna Wikle Says:
July 20th, 2017 at 8:14 pm

I learned a lot about my birthstone and am anxious to learn more about other gems.

Donna Wikle Says:
July 20th, 2017 at 8:11 pm

I learned a lot about my birthstone and am anxious to learn more a

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