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Tahitian Pearls

Some of the world’s most majestic cultured pearls come from the tropical waters of the South Pacific. Commonly known as Tahitian pearls, after French Polynesia’s largest island, these elegant pearls capture the imagination with the complexity of their color and the mysteriousness of their shine. Brilliant Earth’s Tahitian cultured pearls, cultivated under the most rigorous labor and environmental standards, originate from a distinctive pearl farm located 300 miles northeast of Tahiti.

The pearl farm, known as Kamoka Pearl, produces pearls from oysters grown in a nutrient-rich lagoon beside the small island of Ahe. Tahitian PearlsKamoka Pearl creates the finest pearls in French Polynesia by adhering to a philosophy of sustainability. Electricity is supplied entirely by solar and wind power. Fresh water comes from harvesting and storing rainwater. Many pearl farms wreak environmental havoc and destroy ecosystems by cleaning oysters with high powered hoses. Kamoka Pearl places its oysters in carefully-selected zones where they can be gently nibbled on by multiple species of tropical fish. This free source of labor keeps the oyster shells clean and improves pearl quality while actually fostering the eco-system by increasing various fish populations.

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their endangerment. Kamoka Pearl instead uses nuclei composed of mother of pearl from the very same oysters it cultivates. This innovative and natural method avoids contributing to the loss of a species, and according to independent tests, produces triple the number of high-quality pearls. Because Kamoka Pearl has discovered that it can recycle the mother of pearl with no degradation in quality, it genuinely has discovered a naturally renewable resource.

Kamoka Pearl is a small owner-operated farm comprised of expert farmers who live and work together in a communal setting. Because fair wages are paid and turnover is low, the farm is able to retain expertise and foster a shared sense of enterprise. The result is pearls that are consistently superior in quality.

Brilliant Earth’s Tahitian cultured pearls from Kamoka Pearl exhibit a brilliant array of overtones, including blue, green, bronze and pink. Each pearl is one of a kind. Never artificially treated, our Tahitian cultured pearls are completely natural in color, quality, and luster. Tahitian pearls, mounted on Brilliant Earth’s stylish pendants and earrings, make an ethical and distinctive gift that is perfectly suited to any special occasion.

Tahitian Pearl Guarantee

At Brilliant Earth we ensure that each of our Tahitian cultured pearls has been handled according to strict labor, trade, and environmental protocols. We track our natural cultured pearls from the moment they are harvested to their final delivery in order to provide genuine, high quality ethically sourced pearls.

We invite you to view our exceptional pearl earrings, pendants and rings, which feature lustrous Tahitian pearls and eco-friendly precious metal.



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