Transparency - Natural Diamond Chain of Custody Protocol

Natural diamond chain of custody protocol

Step 1


Suppliers must have existing business relationships for sourcing natural diamonds from Brilliant Earth-approved mine operations in specific countries and document chain of custody to demonstrate rough origin in addition to industry standard Kimberley Process certificates.

Step 2

Description of Operations

Suppliers must detail how they purchase diamonds, showing pathways of incoming rough diamonds through trading offices.

Step 3

Purchasing and Receipt

Suppliers must maintain a direct and documented supply chain, with standardized sourcing procedures and records demonstrating origin of a diamond all the way upstream to the mine operator.

Step 4

Tracking and Identification

Suppliers must have software in place to track and identify purchased, received, inventoried, and dispatched diamonds throughout the cutting and polishing process.

Step 5

Inventory and Segregation

Suppliers' inventory tracking software must be able to identify, track, and segregate Brilliant Earth-eligible diamonds from other inventoried diamonds.

Step 6

Quality Assurance

Suppliers must have quality assurance procedures for incoming and outgoing diamonds to be identified and traced, and be willing to implement corrective actions if gaps are identified.

Step 7

Sales and Outgoing Materials

Suppliers must track outgoing polished diamonds as they are transferred to grading labs and sales offices, and provide rough origin to Brilliant Earth.

Step 8


Suppliers must maintain records demonstrating conformance to Brilliant Earth’s protocols, and make this information available upon request during random and regular natural diamond traceability reviews.