Transparency –
Natural Diamonds

Our Beyond Conflict Free™ diamonds are selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins, going beyond the industry standard of merely “conflict free.”

Select Origins

We source our natural diamonds from approved mine operators in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, and Canada. These mines provide miners with fair wages and safe working conditions, empower their communities, and do not fund conflicts.

Living Our Values

We stopped selling Russian diamonds the day after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Russian diamonds are still considered “conflict free” under the industry’s insufficient standard. Not to us, so we don’t sell them.


of natural diamonds were cut and polished with renewable energy or in certified energy-efficient facilities.

Blockchain Technology

We’re revolutionizing the jewelry industry using blockchain technology. Blockchain tracks a diamond’s journey—from mining company to market to the moment it reaches the customer—safely and securely with a permanent digital record.

We have the largest number of blockchain-verified diamonds in the industry.

2019 — One of the first to sell blockchain diamonds at scale

2021 — Doubled our blockchain-verified diamond offering

2023 — Increased our number of blockchain providers

Responsibly Manufactured

We evaluate suppliers for safe and responsible working conditions using recognized international protocols like the Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices certification and the DTC Best Practice Principles (BPP) Assurance Programme.


of natural diamond manufacturers are audited for safe working conditions.