Brilliant Earth Foundation

From mine to Main Street, we’re committed to making the world a better place.

Our giving strategy is making an impact

Responsible Sourcing

Social Impact

Climate Action

* The Brilliant Earth Foundation is a corporate advised fund with Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

In 2023, we committed


to nonprofits

Since 2021 we’ve donated


to our Foundation

Compassion has been core to our Mission since day one. In 2021, we started the Brilliant Earth Foundation to further our impact and since then, we’ve donated $2 million to improving our communities—from the areas where diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals are mined, to the communities where our teams and customers live. The Foundation focuses on three critical areas:

Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to improving the lives of small-scale miners by helping them get paid fairly for the work they do, rehabilitating the land where their work takes place, strengthening their communities, and providing education and training.

Social Impact

We lend our voice and support to causes that make a difference. From reproductive justice, to food and housing insecurity, racial justice and humanitarian relief, we are proud to help support the world transition to a more just and equitable place.

Climate Action

We’re always looking for ways to approach business sustainably. It’s global and local: from reforestation and mercury-free mining to clean energy and sustainable practices in our showrooms, offices, and supply chain.