Responsible Packaging

Our iconic ring boxes are made with FSC-certified wood and our packaging is made of recycled paper, using less energy, less water, and fewer emissions.


Iconic ring boxes made with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to promote zero deforestation, a fair wage and work environment, biodiversity preservation, and local community rights.

Since 2021, we’ve used FSC Recycled, or 100% certified recycled paper, avoiding hundreds of metric tons of CO2 equivalents and promoting circularity. We’re shrinking our packaging even more to reduce waste further.

By using 100% recycled content in our paper-based packaging,
we estimate that we avoid

298 metric tons

of CO2 equivalents per year


FSC-certified wood


FSC Recycled paper

Package My Items Sustainably

We launched packaging options including “Package My Items Sustainably,” where customers can choose to pack all pieces in one box to reduce packaging materials.

Responsible Recycled Reusable Recyclable