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Semi-Precious Gemstones

Our semi-precious gems are sourced from a small group of suppliers who share our commitment to increasing transparency in the mining and processing of gem-quality stones. Each of our semi-precious gems can be traced to a country of origin and often to a region or a mine.

Red Garnets and Peridots

Our red garnets and peridots meet our beyond conflict free standard and come from socially and environmentallyTahitian Pearls responsible sources. Brilliant Earth’s red garnets are from the Four Corners region of Arizona, while our peridots are from Arizona’s San Carlos Reservation. Both gems are harvested without the use of heavy mining equipment, only minimally altering the landscape. Our red garnets, in fact, are mined and hauled to the surface by ants. To obtain them, all that is necessary is to collect them from the sides of anthills.

Brilliant Earth’s red garnets and peridots are also mined, cut, and polished with respect for workers and communities. The mining of these gems provides employment to local communities, mostly Navajo and Apache Native Americans, living in rural areas of the United States.

Amethysts, Aquamarines, Fire Citrines, and Grape Garnets

Our amethysts, aquamarines, grape garnets,All our
semi-precious gemstones come
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semi-precious gems.
and fire citrines meet a higher standard of social and environmental responsibility than other available sources. Our amethyst is traceable to Uruguay, while our aquamarines and fire citrines come from Brazil. We can trace our aquamarines all the way to the Santa Maria mine in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, a region whose economy benefits substantially from mining. Our grape garnets are from eastern India, by the Bay of Bengal. Brilliant Earth’s grape garnets and fire citrines are mined, cut, and polished with respect for workers and communities. Employees cutting and polishing these gemstones operate in safe conditions and receive three times the minimum wage, overtime pay, and paid vacation.

Meeting a Conflict Free Standard

For our amethysts, aquamarines, grape garnets, and fire citrines we know at least a country of origin, but we cannot independently verify the labor and environmental conditions in which they were mined. However, since we can trace these gems to responsible gem traders in their respective countries, we can guarantee that they are conflict free, meaning that they are not linked to violence or civil wars. By purchasing one of these stones, you support increased transparency in the sourcing of semi-precious gems.



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