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Sapphire color is evaluated on three qualities: hue, tone, and saturation.

carat weight & size

Sapphires vary in density, so they are measured by size as well as carat weight.


A well-cut sapphire will display its color to its best ability, while still enhancing luster and brilliance.


Sapphires form in an environment rich with trace minerals, which affect sapphire clarity.

Ethical Origins

Our sapphire rings, sapphire pendants, and sapphire earrings feature sapphires primarily sourced from our partners in Sri Lanka. We also offer sapphires from other origins, such as Montana, Australia, and Malawi.


Sapphires are commonly heat-treated to improve color, clarity, and overall appearance.


A comprehensive sapphire grading scale has not yet been established by the industry, but color is one of the most important characteristics that determines sapphire quality.

Caring for your Sapphire

Sapphires can be cleaned at home with warm water and any cleaning detergent.