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About Pear Engagement Rings

Pear engagement rings, sometimes referred to as “teardrop engagement rings” are named for their distinctive shape, one that features both a rounded and a pointed end. The pear cut engagement ring’s combination of a round cut and marquise diamond shape gives it an elegant and elongated appearance. Despite the teardrop ring’s modern appearance, pear shaped diamond engagement rings can be traced all the way back to the 15th century!

What to Look for in a Pear Shaped Diamond

There are a few characteristics to keep in mind when searching for a pear shaped diamond: symmetry, sparkle, and proper length to width ratio. When looking at a teardrop diamond, the point of the teardrop should fall directly between the diamond’s two rounded edges. Likewise, the two rounded edges should be even to ensure the shape is symmetrical. The pear diamond should also exhibit the sparkle of a round brilliance cut diamond. Look out for a dark “bow-tie” shape which can occasionally appear in the center of the diamond. Length to width ratio refers to how long a diamond is compared to how wide. If the width of a pear diamond is 1, the ideal length is about 1.4 to 1.7 times that. This ratio creates the perfect shape for your pear engagement ring!

Pear Engagement Ring Settings

Many are drawn to pear shaped engagement rings for both their stylish appearance and their versatility. Brilliant Earth offers a variety of unique pear shaped diamond rings from halo designs to sleek solitaires. Pear diamonds look great whether in a modern bezel setting or set in an intricate vintage-inspired ring.

How to Wear a Pear Diamond Ring

Technically a pear diamond ring can be worn any way! However, it’s most commonly worn with the tip of the teardrop pointing toward the wearer’s fingernails. This creates an elegant and elongated look. Recently, pear engagement rings have been set horizontally in a more non-traditional style.

The graceful curves of pear-shaped gemstones create rings that are both feminine and sophisticated. Marrying the dazzling beauty of the round brilliant with the distinctive style of the marquise, the pear cut embodies the balance of style and grace. These gems speak for themselves in a solitaire setting, or sparkle harmoniously with a halo setting or other accent diamonds.

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