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Discover Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are a stunning fusion of the traditional round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds.

Marquise shaped diamonds are oval diamonds that come to a point at the top and bottom. When you combine the cut of a round with the cut of a marquise, the stunning result is a diamond with one rounded end and one pointed end, creating the stunning shape otherwise known as the teardrop.

Why are Pear Shaped Diamonds So Unique?

pear petite shared prong

This elegant diamond shape is perfect for an engagement ring for so many reasons! Here are a few:


What to Look For in a Pear Shaped Diamond

When searching for your perfect pear shaped gemstone, there are a few important characteristics to keep in mind! Remember to look for…

Even Shoulders & Symmetry

Pear Shaped Diamond

When looking at a pear shaped diamond from above, the rounded edge of the diamond should be even. If one side of the edge is sloped more than the other, it decreases the value of the diamond. Similarly, the point of the teardrop should fall directly in between the two rounded edges. In other words, if you folded the diamond in half lengthwise, the point of the diamond should be right on the folding line (see image).

Proper Sparkle

pear lotus

Because these diamonds are modified round brilliants, they should retain all of the sparkle and grandeur of the round brilliant diamond. Occasionally a dark “bow-tie” shape will appear in the center of the rounded half of the diamond. Make sure that your teardrop diamond doesn’t have this imperfection!

Good Length to Width Ratio

Length to width ratio refers to how long a diamond is compared to how wide. If the width of your pear shaped diamond is 1, it is generally agreed upon that the ideal length is about 1.4 to 1.7 times that. This ratio creates the perfect shape for your engagement ring! To help visualize this concept, remember that the ideal round brilliant diamonds have a length to width ration of 1.

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond



Many newly engaged women receive a pear shaped diamond engagement ring and have no idea how to wear it. Are you supposed to wear it with the tip of the pear pointing toward you or away from you? While technically you can wear the ring whatever way you want, it’s most commonly worn with the tip of the diamond pointing toward your fingernails. When you raise your hand to look at the diamond, it should look like a falling teardrop. Wearing the diamond this way helps to elongate your fingers!

Recommended Settings for a Pear Cut Diamond


Pear shaped diamond rings must include an angled prong that protects the pointed tip of the diamond. If you are looking for a setting that shows off the unique shape of the diamond, a simple solitaire is a great choice. This setting features six prongs that gently secure your diamond. A pure, simple band of precious metal allows your diamond to take the spotlight.

If you are looking for a bit more sparkle, many six-prong settings feature dazzling diamond accents and elegant details.


If you prefer modern styles, consider a bezel-set pear shaped ring. This setting is great for a teardrop diamond because a bezel is a solid strip of precious metal that wraps around the diamond, protecting it. We adore this mixture of a unique diamond set in a pure, streamlined setting.



If, however, you love glamorous styles, set your pear diamond in a stunning fancy shaped halo. This style features a gorgeous halo of diamond accents that surround the center gemstone, creating a ring of pure light. Halos look particularly gorgeous with fancy shaped diamonds!

Pear Shaped Colored Gemstones


To make your teardrop engagement ring even more special, choose a pear shaped colored gemstone! Stunning pear shaped sapphires can be found in every color of the rainbow!

Pear Shaped Diamond Accents


Pear shaped diamonds make lovely center gems, but they can also be used as unique diamond accents! Set one pair shaped diamond on either side of your center gemstone (with the tips pointed away from the center) for a gorgeous, unique setting. Get inspired by one of our beautiful custom designed rings with pear diamond accents. This style has gone royal: Princess Maxima of the Netherlands received a gorgeous engagement ring from Willem-Alexander that features an oval shaped orange diamond with two pear shaped diamonds on either side.

Famous Pear Shaped Rings

Princess Maxima isn’t the only famous woman to have received a teardrop engagement ring! The diamond diva herself, Elizabeth Taylor, received a 69.42 carat pear shaped diamond from Richard Burton. The ring was so big that even Liz couldn’t handle it on her finger! She couldn’t let it go, however, so she turned this stunning gem into a pear shaped diamond necklace and continued to show it off.

A historically famous ring (which was recently auctioned off for almost one million dollars) also features pear shaped diamonds. In the late 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his love, Josephine, a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The two pear shaped stones face the opposite direction, creating a stunning sense of symmetry. If you adore this gorgeous piece of history, consider a custom designed replica!

Final Thoughts

Pear shaped engagement rings feature stunning elegance and lasting style. Do you love pear shaped diamonds? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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