Packaging With A Purpose

Brilliant Earth is committed to responsible environmental and labor practices — right down to our eco-friendly packaging. Your expertly crafted jewelry arrives in specially designed, environmentally friendly packaging for safekeeping for years to come.

Engagement And Wedding Rings

Brilliant Earth rings arrive in natural wood ring boxes. The wood is sustainably harvested to preserve biodiversity, soil, water, and air quality. These keepsake ring boxes Packaging With A Purposeshowcase the wood’s beautiful grain, as well as your ring!

Loose Diamonds and Gemstones

Our ethically sourced loose diamonds and gemstones are beautifully presented in a sustainably harvested wood box. The box opens to reveal your gorgeous gem inside a protective metal jewel case!

18K Gold & Platinum Earrings And Pendants

Brilliant Earth gold and platinum earrings and pendants are presented in wooden boxes with clean lines and an environmental pedigree. The boxes are crafted from sustainably harvested wood.

crafted to be
as iconic as the
jewelry they hold.

Silver Earrings And Pendants

Brilliant Earth’s recycled silver earrings and pendants arrive enclosed in a beautiful fabric pouch tucked inside a recycled paper gift box. The pouch features a tasseled drawstring closure and an interior divider to prevent your new jewelry from scratching.

Packaging With A Purpose

Environmentally Friendly Gem & Jewelry Cleaner

Our non-toxic and environmentally friendly gem and jewelry cleaner keeps your jewelry looking brilliant and beautiful. The cleaner is complimentary for ring orders over $1000 with gems.

Shipping & Print Materials

Brilliant Earth paper packaging and print materials are made from 35%–65% post-consumer recycled materials and are printed with non-toxic soy or vegetable-based inks using water or waterless print processes. We encourage you to reuse your boxes as many times as possible!

Documentation And Verification

Brilliant Earth diamonds arrive with an origin card, showing that your purchase is ethically sourced in alignment with high social and environmental standards. Additionally, for loose diamonds and diamonds set in Create Your Own diamond rings and jewelry, you will receive a gemological laboratory report which will detail the weight, measurements and the quality grading of the diamond.



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