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Ethical Origin Sapphires

Brilliant Earth is proud to offer ethically and responsibly sourced sapphires. Our collection of sapphire rings, sapphire pendants and sapphire earrings features sapphires sourced in accordance with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles, boasting a pure lineage directly from our partner mines in Australia, Malawi, and Sri Lanka. The sapphires are then paired with eco-friendly gold or platinum to create sapphire rings with the purest of origins.

All of our sapphire rings and other fine jewelry pieces come with a guarantee of their ethical origin in accordance with fair trade principles. We partner with minesEthical Origin Sapphires that consider strict environmental protection standards with regard to the health and safety of their workers. Learn more about our colored gemstone origins.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Our premium blue sapphire engagement rings offer an ethical and distinctive alternative to the traditional diamond to celebrate your commitment. A sapphire engagement ring is a dazzling option to consider, offering great value at a larger size. To learn more about how to choose the perfect sapphire ring, visit our sapphire education guide. For extra sparkle, consider adding Canadian diamond accents to your sapphire engagement ring.

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The Ethical Sapphire Guarantee

At Brilliant Earth we ensure that each of our brilliant sapphires has been handled according to strict labor, trade, and environmental protocols. We track our gemstones from the moment they are mined to their final delivery in order to provide genuine, high-quality ethically sourced sapphires. By partnering with mines that conform to our high ethical standards, we hope to better the lives of those negatively affected by the mining and trading of sapphires and other gemstones.

Our Australian Sapphires

We are able to offer fine sapphires in a range of hues from our mining partners in Australia. The country's strict environmental regulations for mining include zero impact on water quality and restoration of all mined land back to original or better condition. The government requires miners to pay a deposit that is not returned until land is properly restored. Our mining partners meet these exacting standards and exceed them by farming the land during the year. Laws also limit the use of high-powered equipment like tunneling machines and mechanical diggers on sapphire mining claims. Australia has strict legislation on health and safety in the workplace that mines are required to follow.

View our Australian country card for more information on our Australian sapphires.

Our Malawi Sapphires

Brilliant Earth exclusively sources from the Chimwadzulu Hill Mine in the red hills of Southern Malawi. These sapphires are truly some of the first mined in accordance with fair trade principles. Malawi sapphires exhibit unique and beautiful blue and pink colors. Malawi's alluvial deposits of sapphires promote small scale mining that is limited to just part of the year to protect the area. In addition to adhering to our rigorous standards for environmental and labor protections, our mining partner supports the education of children in the region. Seventy people work at the Chimwadzulu Hill Mine, making it the largest operation of its kind in Malawi and an important contributor to the local economy. The mine embraces fair trade principles by paying above-average wages and offering health benefits to all workers.

View our Malawi country card for more information on our Malawi sapphires.

Our Sri Lankan Sapphires

Sapphires of unusually fine quality are found scattered throughout the lush island nation of Sri Lanka, situated just off the southern tip of India. Sri Lankan sapphires come in a wide range of stunning hues, from deep blues to legendary delicate pinks. Local gem miners rely on traditional mining practices that have been employed in Sri Lanka for 2,000 years without environmental damage. Governmental oversight of gem mining in Sri Lanka ensures that only low-impact mining practices are employed and requires that any new projects undergo a mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment.

Sri Lanka's sapphire miners operate in cooperatives known as karahaula, small groups of artisanal miners that share the costs, labor, and profits from the sale of any gemstones found. Each group is managed by a mine owner who provides food and lodging and pays a weekly allowance to each team member. The Mines and Minerals Act of 1992 prohibits any person under the age of 18 from participating in gemstone mining in Sri Lanka.

View our Sri Lankan country card for more information on our Sri Lankan sapphires.



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