Our Diamond Origins

Our mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. We hold true to our values of awareness and transparency by carefully tracking our origins.

Our Sources


Our Canadian diamonds originate from pure, ethical sources. Canadian mines are held to strict national environmental mining regulations, and are regularly evaluated by independent monitoring agencies. These diamond mines have become a vital aspect of many regional economies, offering safe employment and fair labor practices. Learn more »


Botswana’s growing economy is built on a foundation of responsible diamond mining. Diamonds help raise the standard of living by enabling local communities to invest in education, health care, and infrastructure. Employees earn fair wages and enjoy safe working conditions, and regular environmental monitoring protects the eco-system of the Kalahari Desert. Learn more »


Namibian diamonds help to provide mining communities with fair wages and safe working conditions, and contribute to long term economic development. Our Namibian diamonds are mined in line with rigorous standards of environmental and social responsibility. Learn more »


South African diamonds originate from socially and environmentally responsible mines that benefit local economic development. Diamond mines have helped to provide start-up funding to local entrepreneurs, invest in solar and wind projects, and reduce tuberculosis among miners to a fraction of the rate in the general population. Learn more »


Russian diamonds from the Yakutia region of northeast Siberia provide thousands of jobs to local residents. Workers earn double the average Russian salary and receive affordable housing, health care, and pensions. Although diamond mines have altered the physical landscape in some places and Russia’s geopolitical role is controversial, the overall effect of diamond mining has been positive for local communities. The diamond industry in Yakutia funds hospitals, cultural centers, and other public works.Learn more »


Recycled diamonds are repurposed from secondary sources, meaning that they are an eco-friendly choice as they require no mining. This, in effect, decreases the demand for newly mined diamonds. Recycled diamonds are independently verified to show their high quality. Learn more »

Lab Created

Lab created diamonds exhibit fire and brilliance equivalent to natural diamonds, and have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. Lab created diamonds are an environmentally friendly choice because they require no mining. Learn more »

Fair Trade

Despite abundant natural resources, many hard-working miners live in abject poverty and endure horrific working conditions every day. The fair trade diamond model is an innovative approach to transforming the artisanal diamond mining sector and improving the livelihoods of miners. The future system of fair trade diamonds will help miners organize and earn a fair share of profits. Learn more »

Accent Diamonds

Brilliant Earth offers a stunning selection of jewelry adorned with dazzling diamond accents. We source these small accent diamonds from sources that include mines in Canada, Russia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. These sources go beyond conflict free by demonstrating that their diamonds are untouched by violence, labor abuses, and environmental devastation. Learn more »


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