Labor Concerns

Colored gemstone mining is largely unregulated, which leads to dangerous working conditions and child labor. For example, small children are made to crawl into tight spaces that adults can't reach, putting their safety at risk. Learn more

Environmental Concerns

Colored gemstone mining often results in water pollution, deforestation, and soil erosion, leading to the destruction of regional ecosystems. Proper planning and management are necessary to prevent and reverse these devastating environmental consequences. Learn more

Community Concerns

Colored gemstone mining has supported a totalitarian military regime in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma. Under military control, workers in the nation's mines were subject to extortion, dangerous working conditions, forced labor, and child labor. Learn more

Ethically Sourced Colored Gemstones

We strive to offer colored gemstones that are sourced in alignment with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles. Learn more


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