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All About June Birthstone Jewelry

If you’re a June birthday girl or are shopping for one, you have lots of options in birthstone jewelry. Pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone are all June birthstones, and each of these gems has a rich history and unique beauty. Birthstone jewelry also makes a heartfelt gift for a new mom who’s had a June baby.  Here’s the scoop on June’s three extraordinary birthstones:


pearl pendant june birthstone

For centuries pearls were the most valuable gem. They were treasured in ancient cultures around the world, and the 1500s of Tudor England were known as the Pearl Age. Ancient Chinese believed that wearing pearls protected you from fire and dragons, and other cultures have associated them with chastity and modesty. In Victorian England small seed pearls were often used in mourning jewelry to symbolize tears.

In the early 1900s people in Asia discovered how to create cultured pearls by carefully placing a small nucleus into a living oyster, which then forms a pearl around the nucleus. Since the invention of the culturing technique, which allows pearls to be created in oyster farms, pearls have become less expensive than they once were. However, these lustrous gems are as beautiful as ever, whether cultured or wild-harvested, saltwater or freshwater, luminous white or one of the many other colors in which pearls naturally occur. Pearls are incredibly versatile, at once a go-to accessory for First Ladies and society matrons and beloved by cutting-edge fashion lovers like Rihanna.

If you’re looking for pearl jewelry for a June birthday girl, consider Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings or a Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant with Diamond Accent. Both have been sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. We also carry gorgeous antique and vintage jewelry featuring pearls.


Custom Alexandrite Ring

This bluish green gemstone was discovered in 19th century Russia while Czar Alexander reigned, hence the gem’s name. Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones, although lab-grown versions are available. Its best-known quality is the striking ability to change color in different light, going from bluish green in daylight to purplish red in lamplight. If you’re interested in custom designing an alexandrite ring or other piece of jewelry, just contact us. You may find alexandrite in our Vintage and Antique collection.


Moonstone exhibits an almost magical, multicolored glow called adularescence, caused by light scattering between the mineral’s internal layers. This dreamy quality made it popular with artistic Art Nouveau jewelers, and moonstone is frequently seen in jewelry from that design era. It regained popularity during the hippie era of the 1960s and 70s, because of its otherworldly appearance.

The Erela Moonstone Ring

Hindu mythology has said that moonstone is made of moonbeams, and many other cultures connect moonstone with moonlight because its multi-hued glow resembles the look of moonlight on the water or seen through thin clouds. With the recent popularity of vampire stories moonstone has had some big pop culture moments: The character Bella wears a moonstone ring in the film versions of the Twilight series, and rumor has it that True Blood star Anna Paquin’s real-life engagement ring features a moonstone (though some sources say that the center gem is a rough cut diamond, and the star hasn’t spilled the details).

If you’re looking for moonstone jewelry, browse our Vintage and Antique collection.

Final Thoughts

Which June birthstone is your favorite—or is it too hard to choose just one?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments section!



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