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Why Brilliant Earth?

  • Ethical diamonds from Canada, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Russia
  • Fair labor standards and eco-friendly practices
  • All made-to-order rings manufactured in the United States
  • 5% of profits donated to help communities impacted by the jewelry trade
  • Unrivaled quality and personalized customer service
Why Brilliant Earth?

Ethical Diamonds from Verified Sources

At Brilliant Earth, we go beyond the conflict free standard to offer diamonds that are guaranteed to be wholly free from ethical abuses. No other major jeweler can offer a comparable guarantee. Many of our diamonds are Canadian in origin and are mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Canadian diamond mines adhere to Canada’s strict labor and environmental laws, some of the most rigorous in the world. We also offer a broad selection of ethical origin diamonds from Namibia, Botswana, Russia, and South Africa. These diamonds meet the highest labor and environmental standards while contributing to the local economies of these countries.

Brilliant Earth's
ethical origin
jewelry is sourced
only from verified
suppliers who can
demonstrate a
complete chain of

Eco-Friendly Gold And Platinum

Gold mining poisons the environment with toxic substances such as mercury and cyanide. To reduce the need for dirty mining, Brilliant Earth uses environmentally responsible precious metals, including recycled gold, silver, and platinum. Our recycled precious metals originate from renewed sources derived from jewelry or industrial products. The precious metals are reclaimed and then re-refined to produce gold, silver, and platinum of identical quality to newly mined metals. Brilliant Earth is also proud to offer a limited selection of jewelry incorporating the first source of independently certified fair trade gold.

Why Brilliant Earth?

Tracking Our Gemstones – Our Commitment to Clarity

Our careful sourcing methods allow us to guarantee that all of our diamonds and colored gemstones originate from socially and environmentally responsible sources. Brilliant Earth only works with verified suppliers who can demonstrate a complete chain of custody for their goods, from harvesting to finish. 

Made in the USA

All of our made-to-order rings are designed and manufactured in the United States. By manufacturing our jewelry within U.S. borders, we are able to personally guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry in our collection. Our decision to manufacture in the U.S. means that we contribute to economic development locally, as well as internationally. It also ensures that our jewelry is produced in accordance with U.S. labor and environmental laws, which are broadly protective of workers and the environment.

Making a Difference

By choosing a Brilliant Earth diamond, our customers demonstrate their commitment to making a difference. As part of our mission, we donate 5% of our profits to directly benefit local African communities harmed by the diamond industry. We have funded initiatives such as medical care for people injured in Africa’s diamond wars, and education for children who might otherwise be forced to work in diamond mines.

Personalized Customer Service

Exceptional and highly personalized customer service is the hallmark of the Brilliant Earth shopping experience. We combine the attention and in-person service of a boutique jewelry store with the ease of online shopping. We believe that fine jewelry is at its most precious when it truly reflects the values and needs of the individual customer. Please contact us to speak with a jewelry consultant or schedule an appointment.





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