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Cushion cut engagement rings are trending for all the right reasons. Cushion cut diamonds feature sumptuous curves and unique faceting that allows for maximum, scintillating sparkle. Adding a cushion cut diamond to the right band creates a chic yet classic design made to last – and be on-trend for – a lifetime. A cushion cut diamond ring pairs excellently with a simple metal wedding ring for a truly timeless, classic look. They're also well matched with eye-catching side stone bands, toi et moi settings, and three stone designs.

For questions about cushion cut engagement rings, please to contact our jewelry specialists who are happy to help you via phone, chat, virtual or in-person appointment. In addition to our selected engagement ring settings, inquire about creating a custom cushion cut engagement ring if you're looking for a truly unique, original design.

A cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a type of diamond ring that features a cushion cut diamond as its center stone. The cushion cut is a popular diamond shape that is typically square or rectangular in shape, with rounded corners and larger facets that give the diamond a soft, pillow-like appearance. The cushion cut is a classic and timeless diamond shape that has been around for over 200 years. It is a popular choice for engagement rings because of its romantic and vintage appeal.

The cushion cut diamond differs from other diamond cuts in a few key ways:

  • Shape: The cushion cut has a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, while other diamond cuts may have more pointed or angular shapes.
  • Facets: The cushion cut has large facets that help to maximize the diamond's brilliance and fire, while other diamond cuts may have smaller or more numerous facets.
  • Vintage appeal: The cushion cut is a classic diamond shape that has been popular for over 200 years, giving it a vintage and romantic appeal that other diamond cuts may not have.
  • Overall, the cushion cut diamond is a unique and beautiful option for an engagement ring that offers a timeless and romantic look.

A cushion cut engagement ring is a classic and timeless option that offers several advantages, including:

  • Brilliant sparkle: A cushion cut diamond has larger facets, which means that it can reflect more light, resulting in a beautiful, sparkling appearance.
  • Unique shape: The cushion cut is a hybrid between a round cut and a square cut, with a soft, curved edge that adds a unique and romantic touch to the ring.
  • Versatile: Cushion cut diamonds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find a ring that suits your personal style and preferences.
  • Vintage appeal: Cushion cut engagement rings have a vintage-inspired design that is reminiscent of the Art Deco era, making them a popular choice for those who love classic styles.

The cost of a cushion cut engagement ring depends on several factors, including the size, quality, and color of the diamond, as well as the style and setting of the ring. However, generally speaking, cushion cut engagement rings are not necessarily more expensive than other cuts.

That being said, the cost of a cushion cut engagement ring will ultimately depend on the specific diamond and ring that you choose.

The cushion cut diamond originated in the 19th century and remained popular until the early 20th century when it was overshadowed by the round brilliant cut, which had superior light reflection capabilities. Initially referred to as the "mine cut," this diamond shape was often discovered in diamond-rich old mines. Its distinct feature is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, resembling a cushion or pillow, thus earning its name.