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jewelry education


Learn how to evaluate a diamond based on the “four Cs” and how to balance these measures to select a gorgeous diamond within your budget.


Because of their rich color, sapphires are evaluated differently than diamonds. Learn about the unique properties of these gorgeous gems, and how to select your ideal sapphire.


An emerald is always a gorgeous and distinctive choice for an engagement ring. Learn how to select one of these stunning green gemstones.

semiprecious gemstones

Learn about sought after pale blue aquamarines, rich purple amethysts, and other semiprecious gemstones.


Learn the key differences between moissanite and diamond including durability, brilliance, and color.

engagement ring guide

Learn how to choose the perfect diamond or sapphire within your budget, the ideal ring setting for your style, and the pros and cons of different precious metal choices.

wedding ring guide

The ultimate symbols of your commitment, your wedding rings should reflect your style and values. From tips on pairing wedding bands with engagement rings to unique engraving ideas, our guide offers all the information you need to select your perfect wedding ring.

vintage jewelry guide

Discover the unique features of jewelry from past design eras, how antique diamond cuts differ from those of today, and how to select a piece of vintage jewelry that will become your own heirloom.

fine jewelry guide

From the unique features of different precious metals and gemstones to information on different setting styles, our fine jewelry guide provides all the know-how you need to select the perfect necklace or pair of earrings.

anniversary gift guide

Discover traditional anniversary gifts by year as well as modern trends to ensure you pick the perfect anniversary gift to celebrate your love.

how to find her ring size

Discover helpful hints to find her ring size without her knowing, or order a complimentary ring sizer to determine your ring size at home.

Learn about Jewelry Care

Because your ethical origin jewelry item is so precious, it deserves care and regular attention. Learn basic care to help preserve and protect your jewelry for years to come.