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Wedding Jewelry Ideas & Tips for 2023

It’s here. Your big day. And choosing the right wedding jewelry can make you feel confident, beautiful, and special. While engagement and wedding rings might get the most attention at a wedding, we’re talking about the other stylish accessories that can elevate your overall attire. Here’s how to choose the right type and amount of jewelry for your wedding look.

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Choosing the right wedding jewelry is all about finding complementary pieces. Whether you choose to take cues from your outfit or your scenery, here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting cohesive wedding jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry Ideas

Bridal jewelry is designed specifically for the “bride” to help them stand out. Today, it means show-stopping pieces for anyone getting married, so they can turn heads as they’re walking down the aisle or standing at the altar. Here are some bridal jewelry ideas that you can incorporate into your “all eyes on me” wedding day look.

Wedding Jewelry Tips

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your best. For the combination of exciting and effortless, here are some additional tips to keep in mind when choosing wedding jewelry:

  1. Don’t overwhelm the look: It’s essential to accessorize. But while it can be tempting to wear all of your favorite pieces on your wedding day, it’s best to pare it back. How much attention do you want taken away from your makeup, hairstyle, or attire? Stick to one or two statement pieces to let them all do their thing. If your engagement ring is gold, for example, style it with gold earrings, necklace, and bracelets. While totally optional, matching your metals (and stones) can help achieve a cohesive aesthetic.
  2. Layer your jewelry: Remember how we said not to overwhelm the look? Layering is a popular trend, perfect for combining pieces in a chic, intentional way. You can wear a lightweight necklace with a longer pendant, or stack multiple bracelets to mix sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. The even distribution creates visual interest. But stick to one variable for one type of jewelry, and play with 2-3 different pieces within those parameters. Or shop for jewelry sets to simplify the process.
  3. Try on your jewelry with your outfit: Make sure to pair your jewelry with your wedding attire before the big day, and not just on your vision board. Wearing it will give you an idea of how everything will look together and allow you to make any necessary adjustments (Does it match the embroidery? Does it snag the fabric?). You can also consider your skin tone as part of your aesthetic — cool silver jewelry for pale skin, and warm gold jewelry for darker tones. You might decide either looks better (or more radiant) given your makeup or outfit.
  4. Consider the season: Your wedding season can influence the type of jewelry you choose. For a winter wedding, for example, consider something with deep tones and/or more sparkle, while a summer wedding calls for something light and airy, perhaps even pastel. Jewelry should pass the seasonal vibe check.
  5. Coordinate with your wedding party: Your wedding party is not just an important part of your big day emotionally. Their jewelry can enhance all of your carefully chosen wedding details (or at the very least, prevent distracting from them). Consider gifting your wedding party matching jewelry that complements your own, your partner’s, or both. It’s a kind gesture to express gratitude for their support, but it also low-key keeps your aesthetic on point.
  6. Be conscious with metal weights: We love a mixed metal look and also mixing chunky styles with thinner pieces, but make sure that the karat weight of the metals are the same. Metals with different weights could potentially scratch one another and we wouldn’t want special wedding jewelry to be damaged! For example, if you’re stacking a few bracelets, make sure they’re all 10k gold or 14k gold, etc. A 10k gold bracelet could scratch an 18k gold bracelet.

By considering your attire and the overall look of your wedding itself, you can choose the perfect jewelry “moment” for this momentous occasion. Just remember to keep your wedding jewelry true to who you are. When you want quality pieces that can become treasured keepsakes or heirlooms, or even pieces that are only worn on the big day, shop for ethically responsible wedding jewelry at Brilliant Earth.

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