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How to Create a Unique Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire Diamond Rings

What makes a solitaire diamond ring so timeless and elegant? The answer is different for everyone, but we imagine that its classic lines and concentrated brilliance have something to do with it. A diamond solitaire is the very essence of an engagement ring—it is the epitome of sophistication. If you’re looking for an alternative to engagement rings with side stones, but you don’t want your ring to blend in with the crowd, we’ve suggested ways to choose the perfect unique solitaire diamond ring!

Choosing the Best Diamond

Every ounce of sparkle in a solitaire is dependent on the stunning center diamond, so make sure to take diamond shape and the four c’s into consideration when you’re searching for the perfect solitaire.


Choosing a fancy shaped diamond is one or our favorite ways to create a unique solitaire. Round diamonds are by far the most sought-after shape due to their classic look and their fiery brilliance. Keep in mind, however, that the round brilliant cut can be modified so that the shape changes but the sparkle does not. We adore marquise, oval, and pear shaped diamonds because they sparkle like rounds, but their oblong shapes serve to elongate fingers, creating a graceful, elegant look.
If you would like your solitaire to appear bolder or more regal, we recommend princess, Asscher, or emerald cut diamonds. The straight lines and edges of contemporary princess cut diamonds make a big statement when featured alone, which is in part why princess is the second most popular diamond shape. Emerald and Asscher cuts are less brilliant but highlight a diamond’s clarity.


The Four C’s


If you want a solitaire diamond ring, it is important to know all about the four c’s of a diamond—cut, color, clarity and carat.
Solitaire Diamond Ring

Carat is the first characteristic that many determine. Remember, however, that carat is a measure of weight, and diamonds with similar carat size may look different when seen from the top. Not all one carat diamonds are equal!
♦ The cut of a diamond has nothing to do with its shape. The way a diamond is cut determines its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Cut is considered by some to be the most important characteristic—the sparkle of a solitaire diamond ring depends upon it!
♦ Due to the presence of nitrogen as they were forming underground, some diamonds display a certain amount of color (yellows, browns, and grays). The most brilliant diamonds are those that are completely colorless and appear icy. These diamonds refract the most light.
♦ Finally, clarity refers to how clear a diamond is. Minor inclusions can occur when the diamond originally forms, and the most sought after diamonds are those whose inclusions are not apparent to the naked eye.

Unique Solitaire Settings


Contrary to what many think, settings for solitaire engagement rings vary greatly and are vital to the unique look of your ring. Though a simple 6-prong setting is the archetype for solitaires, these rings can be incredibly intricate as well. Choose the setting that best fits your style and personality!

Classic Solitaires


Classic solitaire settings feature a solid band of precious metal and a diamond that is held in a four- or six-prong setting. These rings are very minimal and comfortable to wear, and they produce the most classic look. The bands tend to range from 2mm to 3mm, but that small increment makes a big difference in appearance. Additionally, some bands taper as they reach the center, the gentle sweep drawing attention straight to the sparkling center diamond. Another classic example is the trellis setting, where interwoven strands of precious metal extend upward and embrace the center gem.
For a unique classic look, choose a ring with prongs set at compass points!

Modern Solitaires


Some of the most unique, elegant solitaires are modern styles. Modern settings are characteristically streamlined and minimalistic—you might see similar clean lines at a museum of modern art. If you are looking for a modern solitaire engagement ring, look for bezel or semi-bezel settings, bands that curve around your center diamond, or settings with wide, flat bands.
Antique Solitaire


Nature-Inspired Solitaires

If you want the overall look of your ring to be soft and flowing, consider a nature-inspired solitaire. When a diamond is surrounded by twisting vines of precious metal or shining, organically shaped buds, it creates an intricate, feminine appearance that doesn’t detract from center diamond.

Antique Solitaire Diamond Rings

Many of our vintage style solitaires feature gorgeous hand engravings and fine milgrained details on their bands, creating a stunning backdrop for a center diamond. However, if you are interested in a true antique ring, consider choosing a one-of-a-kind solitaire from glamorous eras of the past. Many of these solitaires feature delicate, lacy filigree, intriguing shapes, and incredibly unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. The details of stunning antique solitaires only serve to enhance the beauty of the center diamond.

Final Thoughts

Are you dreaming of an elegant solitaire? Let us know what type on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!


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