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what are blood diamonds?

Conflict diamonds have funded devastating civil wars in Africa, and still contribute to violence, exploitation, and environmental devastation. Due to the severe limitations of the Kimberley Process—the international certification scheme for conflict free diamonds—diamonds tainted by human rights abuse are widely sold and certified as "conflict free."

beyond conflict free guarantee

Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond the current industry standards to guarantee that our diamonds originate from pure, ethical sources. Our diamonds originate from mines that adhere to strict labor, trade, and environmental standards. We also offer lab created and recycled diamonds, both of which are eco-friendly alternatives.

SCS Global Services has independently certified that our diamonds are fully traceable to their origins and demonstrate a robust chain of custody.

conflict free
conflict free
diamonds do not finance civil wars
free of human rights abuses
environmentally responsible
fair labor practices
community development

Recycled metals

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, and social responsibility, Brilliant Earth uses recycled precious metals in all of our jewelry. We use reclaimed and re-refined precious metals so that we can produce jewelry of the same high quality while lessening the demand for dirty mined metals and reducing the harmful impacts of socially and environmentally irresponsible mining.

In partnership with Pure Earth, we are funding training sessions in a mercury-free gold mining method for artisanal miners in Peru. Dirty gold mining is the largest global source of mercury pollution, and toxic mercury puts miners' health and local habitat at risk. The low-cost, mercury-free mining method can impact hundreds in the local community.

ethically sourced gemstones

Brilliant Earth guarantees that our colored gemstones are sourced in accordance with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles. Many obstacles still exist in maintaining ethical practices in the gemstone trade, and the difficulty in obtaining information about gemstone mining conditions around the world makes it challenging to trace gemstone origins and track the conditions under which they were mined. We strive to promote higher standards for gemstone sourcing to transform dangerous mining conditions and encourage responsible practices.

Gemstone miners in Sri Lanka use traditional mining practices that are environmentally safe and have been used in the region for 2,000 years. The miners work in small cooperatives that share the costs, labor, and profits from the sale of gemstones they find. The government oversees mining practices and requires environmental impact studies on new mining projects.

Learn more about our mission and why Brilliant Earth is the leading supplier of ethical jewelry in the diamond industry.

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