Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds

Defining Beyond Conflict Free

Our mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. Jewelers that offer “conflict free” diamonds are limiting themselves to the Kimberley Process' definition, which narrowly defines conflict diamonds as diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized governments. What this definition leaves out is large numbers of diamonds that are tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, and other issues. We go beyond the usual standard to offer diamonds that have been carefully selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. Learn more about the issues.

Mining Practices and Standards

conflict free
conflict free
does not finance rebel movements
protects against human rights abuses
minimizes environmental degradation
maintains safe and responsible labor practices
supports community development

What Sets Us Apart

Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond the current industry standards to offer Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds™ with a listed country of origin of Canada, Botswana Sort, or Russia. Our select group of diamond suppliers demonstrate a robust chain of custody protocol for their diamonds and have the ability to track and segregate diamonds by country of origin.

These suppliers are required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operations or specific countries that have demonstrated their commitment to follow internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards. We also offer lab created and recycled diamonds, both of which are eco-friendly and ethical options. Learn more about our commitment to traceable diamond origins.

Where We Source From

Accent Diamonds

Diamond accents are challenging to track and segregate by origin due to their small size. Our diamond accents are Kimberley Process certified, but, unless otherwise specified on the product page, we do not identify a country of origin for our diamond accents. Where possible, our suppliers will prioritize sourcing accent diamonds that originate from Canada, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, or Russia.

Our Vision for the Future: Fair Trade Diamonds

Despite abundant natural resources, many artisanal miners live in abject poverty and endure terrible working conditions every day. The fair trade diamond model is an innovative approach to transforming the artisanal diamond mining sector and improving the livelihoods of miners.

As part of our commitment to ethically sourced jewelry, Brilliant Earth’s goal is to support our non-profit partner Diamond Development Initiative’s work to bring these diamonds to market in the future. Learn more about our giving back.