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Jewelry Guide

Learn about jewelry design eras and the qualities that make each vintage piece so unique.

Designs Eras

Learn about the historical periods that make antique jewelry so distinctive:


Circa 1714-1837. Opulent and regal. Early styles were ornate while later styles ranged from Neoclassical to Gothic. Georgian jewelry is extremely rare today.



Circa 1837-1901. Named for Queen Victoria of England. Jewelry from the era is as exquisite as it is varied, reflecting Victoria’s changing tastes.


Art Nouveau

Circa 1890-1910. Soft and mystical. Art Nouveau jewelers, thinking of themselves as artists, took extra care to craft beautiful settings.


Circa 1901-1920. Graceful and elegant. In the Edwardian era, jewelers used filigree techniques to give their jewelry a wonderfully lacy look.


Art Deco

Circa 1920-1930. Stylish and fun. Bright colors and geometric patterns expressed the confident and free-thinking tenor of the Roaring 1920s.



Circa 1930s-1950. Bold and dazzling. With Hollywood in its golden age, jewelry became bigger, almost larger-than-life.


Circa 1950s to present. Light and textural. Modern jewelry designers had the ability to work with advanced tools and technology which created evolved designs based on pivotal fashion statements of past eras. Many of our Modern era pieces are previously owned, and some are newly made reproductions of past eras, as described on the product page.


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