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The Donna Earrings

Swags and beads of shining 14K white gold add romance to these Victorian earrings, while diamonds add shimmering elegance. The lovely settings sparkle and sway with no less than 0.71 carats of diamonds, the perfect accessory anytime (1 3/8 inches in length).

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Victorian Design Era

Jewelry styles in the Victorian era mirrored the phases of Queen Victoria of England’s reign, which lasted between 1837 and 1901. Jewelry from the time at which Victoria and her husband were deeply in love expresses confidence, serenity, and romance, while jewelry became darker and more subdued upon his death. The Late Victorian period was characterized by a reawakening of joy and a return to whimsical, buoyant designs.


Authenticity & Sourcing

All of our vintage jewelry was originally hand-made and has been selected by our jewelry experts taking into account beauty, craftsmanship, gemstone quality, and originality. These works of art reflect the spirit of their eras as well as the vision of the artisans who designed and produced them. No two items are ever exactly the same.