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Men's Wedding Bands & Rings

Men's Wedding Bands & Rings

Browse our popular collection of men’s wedding bands and rings. From unique styles to modern designs, our carefully curated selection of men’s wedding bands is perfect those searching for a wedding ring that is both timeless and unique.

There are many metals to choose from, including platinum, tungsten, meteorite, tantalum, and various types of gold. To decide the wedding band metal that's best for you, we advise that you evaluate your budget and personal taste. Platinum and tungsten are durable precious metals, but gold is always a classic option. Get more information on precious metal options with our full precious metals guide.

Tungsten and titanium are both great wedding band metal choices. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should buy titanium wedding bands since the nickel in tungsten wedding bands can irritate your skin. Titanium wedding bands are also resistant to corrosion.

To find your ring size, measure the inner and outer diameter of the ring you wear regularly. If you don't have a ring, measure your finger using dental floss, or ask a jeweler to help measure it. For more ideas on how to measure for ring size and order a free ring sizer, read our complete ring size guide.

Comfort fitting is primarily used in tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome, and ceramic wedding bands. Such bands have plain rounded edges and are domed in the interior. This can be an excellent option for a wedding band as you can easily squeeze it over large knuckles. Plus, they feel comfortable while having no risk of falling off.

Yes, avoid using ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning them. Instead, go for soft cleaning agents and a soft cloth.

Black wedding rings have different meanings, depending on the wearers. Some people wear them to symbolize courage and strength, while others wear them because they simply find black wedding rings stylish.