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Unique Proposal Guide

Thinking about Popping the Question?

When it comes time to put the perfect marriage proposal into action, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Should it be a holiday proposal, a destination proposal, a playful proposal? Regardless of when or how someone ultimately chooses to propose marriage, it’s important for the moment to be a reflection of the couple. Take time to think about different engagement ideas and consider whether there is a specific place that you have ties to as a pair. Maybe you return to your first date spot, or perhaps you plan an exotic vacation to kick off the next phase of your lives together.

Planning the best way to propose may feel like a daunting endeavor, but with the proposal ideas below in hand you and your beloved can get engaged without a hitch.

Creative Proposal Ideas

  1. Tell your beau you’ve signed up for a photography class together. When you meet with the photographer, drop to one knee and pop the question. The photographer will be in place to capture the moment.
  2. Take a salsa or swing dance class together and propose at the end of the session once you’ve perfected the steps.
  3. Find a snowy spot and spell out “Will you marry me?” in footprints.

Simple Proposal Ideas

  1. Cook her dinner and propose over a flavorful homemade meal.
  2. Return to the spot of your first date.
  3. Plan a picnic and pop the question over sandwiches and chocolate cookies.

Unique Proposal Ideas

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt with hidden clues that direct her towards meaningful spots around town before eventually leading her to you, down on one knee, with a ring.
  2. Use mapping software to map out a neighborhood route that spells out “marry me?” Go for a walk or run following the step-by-step directions and show your sweetheart the message upon your return.
  3. Plan a day at a theme park with your families or a group of friends and head to splash mountain (or a ride where a group photo is taken at the end). Sit your sweetheart towards the front and plant your friends and family on the ride behind you. When the camera flashes, have your friends hold up signs you provide ahead of time that say “Will You Marry Me?” When you go to look at the picture after the ride, you have your perfect proposal moment.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

  1. Line the hallway from your front door to the bedroom with rose petals and candles.
  2. Book a winery tour and drop down on one knee as you’re wandering through the vines.
  3. Book a reservation at a classy restaurant and ask for her hand over a decadent chocolate dessert.

Cool Proposal Ideas

  1. Sports fans? Splurge on box seats to watch her favorite team and propose after the winning goal.
  2. Go for a hike and propose at the very top of the mountain with spectacular views in every direction.
  3. Purchase an item of workout clothing from a store she loves and tie the ring to the waistband or strap. Wrap the fitness gear nicely and give it to her as a special gift out of the blue. She’ll be floored when she catches a glimpse of the sparkle and realizes it’s so much more than a new outfit.

Cute Proposal Ideas

  1. Tie the ring to your pet’s collar to catch her by surprise when she goes to pet the animal.
  2. Build a sandcastle together at the beach. When she isn’t looking, place the ring onto the highest turret and ask her to be your princess forever.
  3. Decorate your ceiling with glow in the dark stickers that spell out “ Will you marry me?” When you get into bed that night, turn out the lights and wait for her gasp of surprise!