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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Invented in the early 1960’s by Arpad Nagy, the “princess cut” was originally called the “profile cut”. Princess cut diamond engagement rings possess the same brilliance as a round diamond but in a sleek square shape. Princess cut rings have been compared to round engagement rings so often that they are sometimes referred to as “square modified brilliants”. Princess cut engagement rings are sought after for their chic and sophisticated appearance. The square princess engagement ring diamond looks beautiful in a variety of setting styles. Three stone setting styles make for a unique princess cut diamond ring. Platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold settings also accentuate the sparkle of princess cut diamonds.

The clean lines and angles of princess cut gemstones are a modern and elegant choice. The most popular fancy shape, princess cut diamonds are designed to maximize sparkle while maintaining a chic square shape. These stunning gems dazzle in understated solitaire or three stone settings, and bring a modern allure to antique or contemporary styles.

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