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Simple Engagement Rings

Simple engagement rings continue to be the most timeless and sought after of all engagement ring styles. A simple engagement ring, such as a solitaire or a three stone ring, is a beautiful and enduring choice. These elegant rings are always in style and pair well with any wedding ring. Many couples are captivated by the uncomplicated elegance of a simple engagement ring. Read on to see if you might be too.


Initial Considerations for Simple Engagement Rings

When you select a simple setting for your engagement ring, the focus of the piece becomes the center diamond or gemstone that you choose. Because most of the attention will be directed toward the center gem, so too will your budget! You will want to think carefully about what is most important to you in selecting a diamond or gemstone—size, quality, or the best balance of both. In addition to maintaining a vast inventory of thousands of diamonds in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Brilliant Earth offers special  collections of diamonds as recommendations to match your preferences and price range.


Marina Ring

Diamond Collections

The Glacier Collection features the finest 3% of diamond quality – all diamonds are colorless with no visible inclusions. This collection includes the rarest, most premium diamonds with the greatest sparkle and brilliance.


The Yosemite Collection offers diamonds that optimally balance size with fire, brilliance, and quality.


The Recommended Collection features diamonds of unique beauty that offer a maximum value for any budget.


Selecting a diamond—including determining which characteristics are most important to you—is a very personal choice. We created our diamond collections to simplify the process for you, and we are always available to talk through your options.


Once you have selected your perfect diamond or gemstone, it is time to consider what kind of simple engagement ring you want. Have you always envisioned a classic solitaire style? Do you like the symbolism of a three-gemstone ring? Does your style tend to be more contemporary, or does your lifestyle demand the ultimate in streamlined settings?


Simple & Classic Engagement Rings


Solitaire Engagement Rings

The most classic simple engagement ring is the Six-Prong Classic Ring, sometimes referred to as a tiffany inspired engagement ring. This popular solitaire choice features a single round brilliant diamond lofted above a delicate precious metal band and set with six prongs (also available in a similar four prong setting). This simple style is the most quintessential engagement ring—it is how most engagement rings are represented in the world, and for good reason! The four- or six-prong solitaire setting provides the center diamond the most exposure to light, and results in the most sparkle and brilliance.


There are other beautiful choices for diamond solitaire engagement rings, some with wider bands, higher shoulders, a trellis setting, or more contemporary designs.

Cascade RingSix Prong Classic RingEntwined Ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Another timeless and classic choice for a simple engagement ring is a three stone ring. As the name implies, these rings feature a center diamond with smaller accent diamonds on either side, as in our Petite Three Stone Trellis Ring. Three stone rings sweetly symbolize your past, present, and future as a couple, and are also popular as anniversary gifts.


A beautiful and sophisticated expression of a three stone ring is our Tapered Baguette Diamond Ring, which features a round brilliant center diamond flanked on either side by a sparkling diamond baguette. This style combines the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond with the shimmer of a step-cut diamond for a supremely elegant effect.

 Tapered Baguette Diamond RingPetitie Three Stone Trellis Ring

Simple & Contemporary Engagement Rings


If you have a more contemporary style, there are many other options for a simple engagement ring. As in other areas of design (fashion, home), in many ways, the more streamlined the setting, the more contemporary it feels. Here too the diamond or gemstone you choose will take the lead role.


Contemporary Center Gemstones

Some of the most striking solitaire engagement rings have a modern design. Clean lines, smooth finishes, and unexpected characteristics can really amplify a simple solitaire engagement ring. Here are some ideas and inspiration.


Choose a Different Shape

One way to make your simple solitaire more distinctive is to choose a different shape diamond than the classic round brilliant diamond. Think about shapes like oval, radiant, asscher, and pear cut. Brilliant Earth carries a collection of diamonds in 14 different shapes, and all can be set in a beautiful solitaire mounting.


Set Your Diamond Horizontally

One special way to make your simple engagement ring more distinctive is to change the orientation of the center diamond. Simple engagement rings look wonderfully unique with a horizontally-set diamond. Browse our custom gallery for more examples of this trend.


Choose a Colorful Gemstone

Add some color to your solitaire setting for a striking simple engagement ring. Choose from our collection of sapphires or shop our pre-set sapphire engagement rings to create a stunning simple ring; the rich color of these gemstones lends a contemporary feel.


Comfort Fit Sapphire RingHorizontally Set Solitaire

Contemporary Settings

Other great options for simple engagement rings with a contemporary design include bezel or semi-bezel set rings, which are modern in form and practical in function. These engagement rings have a low profile and offer great comfort to those with active professional or personal lifestyles. You can also select a streamlined halo setting for a clean, refined look.

 Petite Semi Bezel RingSierra Milgrain HaloLuna Bezel Ring

Final Thoughts on Simple Engagement Rings

Always tasteful and ever graceful, simple engagement rings will never go out of style. Classic or contemporary, you can’t go wrong if you select a simple style that showcases your diamond or gemstone in effortless elegance.

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