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Simple Engagement Rings

yellow gold solitaire ring in ringbox

When it comes to simple engagement rings, there’s something about them that feels elegant and personal. A low-profile setting or a slim band can inspire gentle sophistication. And with an unexpected color or a unique shape, a simple engagement ring can appear tasteful but eye-catching; modest, yet stylish. Bottom line: Simple can be chic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for your simple engagement ring.

Why Everyone Loves Simple Engagement Rings

Simple engagement rings are popular for their “less is more” attitude (and they tend to be a little more attainable price-wise, depending on the size of your solitaire center stone). A round cut and a solitaire band pretty much comprise a classic, “old reliable” style when you picture the anatomy of a ring. That iconic silhouette is all you need to indicate your lasting love.

A simple engagement ring is also flexible, fitting seamlessly across generations and attire. An engagement ring with a more demure shine and reserved size can feel intentionally graceful, implying a more refined, elegant aesthetic.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Simple Engagement Ring

Simple isn’t boring. There are ways to take a ring that’s delicate and dainty to be a bit more razzle dazzle. Tiny details can make a simple engagement ring more intricate the longer you look. And with a simple engagement ring, it’s easy to emphasize a standout, exciting element when the rest doesn’t attract attention. So here’s what to consider when you’re shopping for a “simple” engagement ring to help a little go a long way.


Gemstone Type

Metal Type

Setting Style

Future Wedding Band


solitaire engagement ring with emerald cut diamond center stone

Pros and Cons of Simple Engagement Rings


  1. When the size of your engagement ring is less imposing, your ring can be worn every day, in every activity. Just as long as the gem has a higher hardness on the Mohr’s scale (some gems are sturdier than others).
  2. A simple engagement ring is easy to pass down as an heirloom. When you opt for classic over trendy, the design is timeless, and it can endure generations of love. Clean and minimal still feels ultra-modern.
  3. On that note, classic doesn’t clash. A simple engagement ring is more likely to go with every outfit you own.


  1. Simplicity has a stigma of appearing plain or ordinary. But you don’t have to be shy as the wearer or apologetic as the buyer as long as you’re sure the engagement ring is a sincere reflection of your special someone. Jewelry should be representative of personal preference, and a nod to their style.
  2. Smaller gems tend to imply a low spend. But the flash of the engagement ring doesn’t indicate the level of passion (or finances) in your relationship. There’s no shame in affordable engagement rings, as long as you and your partner are on the same page about expectations.

four diamond engagement rings in ring box

Our Favorite Simple Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire Settings

Bezel Settings

Hidden Halo Settings

Pave Settings

Three Stone Settings

10 Stunning Simple Engagement Rings

Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold with a Round Diamond

Elegant, sculptural twists create a unique yet simplistic look in this modern yet timeless design.

Petite Elodie Solitaire Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with a Round Diamond

The perfect simple solitaire, this four claw prong ring features a lustrous band of sleek precious metal.

Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold with an Asscher Diamond

As classic as can be, this shared-prong diamond ring shimmers while bead prongs secure the center stone.

Secret Halo Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold with a Cushion Diamond

A secret halo of diamonds wraps beneath the center stone of this design, adding a hint of sparkle to an otherwise simple look.

Versailles Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold with an Oval Diamond

Marquise and round diamonds adorn this ring for a subtly sparkling design.

Twisted Vine Solitaire Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with an Emerald Diamond

The solitaire version of the twisted style listed above, this ring twists gently in plain, lustrous strands of precious metal.

Luxe Viviana Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold with a Round Diamond

Understated yet shimmering, this ring features small pavé diamonds that adorn the finger with light.

Reverie Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold with a Round Diamond

Unique split shanks add textural flair to this otherwise understated look.

Aria Three Stone Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with an Oval Diamond

Two shining diamonds rest at either side of the gently tapering band in this simplistic yet elevated ring.

Esme Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold with a Round Diamond

Six sleek prongs add a modern look to an effortlessly timeless, simple design.

Simple Engagement Ring FAQs

What makes an engagement ring simple?

Can I add to my simple engagement ring later on?

yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Final Thoughts

Maybe a bold shimmer just isn’t you or your partner’s style. A soft, vintage look or discreet size can feel like a more genuine representation of your love vs. a disco ball on the finger. No shade to those who prefer the glitz and glam — we’re obviously big fans of both and every radiance in between. So, when you want to explore every engagement ring style, shop one-of-a-kind, ethical rings at Brilliant Earth.

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