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Popular Lab Diamond Engagement Rings


Exhibiting stunning sparkle and exceptional quality, lab created diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

Lab created diamond engagement rings have risen in popularity over the years, offering excellent value with exceptional beauty. Sharing the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds exhibit the same fire and sparkle as mined diamonds while typically costing less. Given that no mining is required to produce these diamonds, lab created diamonds are a responsible choice. Discover our most popular lab diamond engagement rings below!

Demi Diamond Ring

Chic and sophisticated, the Demi Diamond Ring conceals a glittering halo of diamonds beneath its center gem for a sparkling surprise (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Four Prong Petite Comfort Fit Ring

The petite and delicate Four Prong Petite Comfort Fit Ring is a timeless and classic choice, promising to never go out of style (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

At once graceful and unique, the Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring features a lustrous ribbon of precious metal that intertwines with a shimmering strand of pavé diamonds for a nature-inspired look (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Poppy Diamond Ring

The six-pronged Poppy Diamond Ring features exquisite diamond accents that extend halfway across the band. An open gallery accentuates all facets of the center gem, adding to the elegance and sparkle of the ring (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Willow Diamond Ring

Exquisite and nature-inspired, the Willow Diamond Ring features wispy vines of precious metal that blossom into beautiful marquise diamond buds around the center gem (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Viviana Diamond Ring

The Viviana Diamond Ring features sparkling scalloped pavé diamonds that extend three-fourths of the way around the ring. A diamond adorned gallery and graceful claw prongs embrace the center gem for a chic look (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Elodie Ring

Understated and elegant, the Elodie Ring features delicate claw prongs and an open basket that showcases the center gem (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Waverly Diamond Ring

Featuring a sparkling halo of diamonds, the Waverly Diamond Ring is at once unique and eye-catching. Scalloped pavé diamonds and a diamond encrusted gallery add to the brilliance of this ring (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Aria Diamond Ring

Delicate and petite, the Aria Diamond Ring features a thin, tapered band that ends in pear-shaped diamond accents on either side of the center gem (shown with 1 ½ ct. Lab diamond).

Final Thoughts

Which of these lab diamond engagement ring styles is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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