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Most Popular Halo Engagement Rings  


From classic to vintage-inspired, halos add a distinctive element to any engagement ring design.

A modern classic, halo engagement rings have remained a popular choice over the years for their timelessness and radiant beauty. Halo engagement rings feature a ring of smaller diamond accents that frames the center diamond, adding brilliance while creating the illusion of a larger diamond. In recent years, halo engagement rings have become even more versatile, with rings featuring floral-inspired designs and unique silhouettes such as double halos. Fancy cut shapes like princess cut halo engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings, are also becoming more and more popular. Celebrities have also been catching on to the trend, with Issa Rae and Katy Perry opting for halo engagement rings in the past year. Whether classic, contemporary or vintage-inspired, halo engagement rings make an eye-catching statement. Discover our most popular halo engagement rings below!

Waverly Diamond Ring

Classic and timeless, the Waverly Diamond Ring features scalloped pavé diamonds that form a sparkling halo around the center diamond. Round halo engagement rings with diamond accents that adorn the band and gallery, like this one, make a ring all the more stunning.

Odessa Diamond Ring

The glittering Odessa Diamond Ring features an intricate halo of pavé-set diamonds that embraces and accentuates its center diamond.  French pavé diamond accents on the band add sparkle to this look.

Vienna Diamond Ring

Elegant and chic, the Vienna Diamond Ring features scalloped pavé diamonds that rise up the gallery and encircle the center diamond in a halo of luminous sparkle.

Luxe Sienna Halo Diamond Ring

The Luxe Sienna Halo Diamond Ring features elegant French pavé-set diamonds that surround the center diamond in a ring of light. Dazzling diamond accents that adorn the band and gallery make this ring a head-turner.

Reina Diamond Ring

In the Reina Diamond Ring, an intricate halo of diamonds surrounds the center diamond to form a one-of-a-kind silhouette. The scalloped-frame of diamond accents placed against a rose gold setting creates a look that is at once vintage and contemporary.

Petite Twisted Vine Halo Diamond Ring

A thin strand of diamonds intertwines with a ribbon of precious metal in the nature-inspired Petite Twisted Vine Halo Diamond Ring for a captivating look.

Joy Diamond Ring

In the stylish Joy Diamond Ring, delicate scalloped pavé diamond accents run along the length of the band and across a split-shank, culminating in a glittering halo of diamonds.

Estelle Diamond Ring

Featuring a cushion-shaped halo, the Estelle Diamond Ring is a chic and contemporary take on the classic halo engagement ring. Dazzling diamond accents adorn the band for a stunning statement look.

Final Thoughts

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