East-West Engagement Ring Guide | How to Choose
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East West Engagement Ring Guide

Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

East-west engagement rings feature elongated center stones that are set horizontally instead of a more traditional vertical setting. Timeless with a twist, they make the perfect setting for couples seeking a unique yet classic engagement ring.

What is an east west engagement ring?

An east-west engagement ring is a captivating twist on tradition. It flips the up-down points of a north-west center stone. This way, the length of the stone runs parallel to your ring and perpendicular to your finger. This creates the illusion that your fingers are longer, and that your gemstone is bigger. Bottom line, an east-west ring is flattering all around.

Obviously, you wouldn’t notice a difference with a round or square-cut gem (think an asscher or a princess). But with elongated shapes (such as an emerald or oval), an east-west engagement ring create a fun, horizontal alternative to the well-known vertical axis.

Haiden Bezel Engagement Ring

Are east west rings popular?

East-west is a popular engagement ring trend for its more modern, geometric approach. We’ve seen it from Kate Beckinsale’s emerald cut to the marquise cuts of Portia de Rossi and Catherine Zeta Jones. The elongated horizontal look is in.

For couples seeking to stand out, east-west settings are anything but conventional, hitting two trends with one gemstone. Instead of top-to-bottom points, east-west rings draw the onlooker’s eye across the gem’s body. It’s a fresh take on a classic piece, allowing couples to express their love in a unique way. The inverted positioning plays up any long, narrow shapes. Elongated gems have also been sought-after the past few years and show no signs of losing popularity votes.

Adding to their demand? East-west engagement rings can fit further down the finger. Worn closer to the palm, the lowered gem is better protected from any damage or loss due to activity. East-west rings are also said to be more comfortable, with their gems’ points facing away from the hand.

East West Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

What shapes work best with an east west setting?

Elongated shapes are the best for east-west settings as they accentuate the horizontal orientation of east-west engagement rings.

Emerald Cut




Elongated Radiant or Cushion Cut

Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Why Choose an East West Engagement Ring

East-west engagement rings are set horizontally and stand out from other, more traditional designs.

Here’s why (and what) you should consider.

Bolder Style

Newer Taste

Better Shine

Bigger Weight

Our Favorite East West Engagement Rings

Our jewelry experts have chosen our favorite east-west rings, handpicked for your hands. Celebrate your love story with any of these ethically sourced showcases.

Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring
Petite and delicate, this classic four-prong solitaire ring features a horizontally set gemstone and has a rounded inside edge for increased comfort.

Haiden Bezel Engagement Ring

Haiden Bezel Engagement Ring

A delicate bezel adds unique charm to this sleek, handsome ring.

East West Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

East West Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

This modern ring takes a classic silhouette and elevates it with the addition of east west set tapered baguette diamonds that shine brightly.

Lévita Solitaire Engagement Ring

Lévita Solitaire Engagement Ring

The center stone appears to float above a gently arcing band in this modern yet timeless style meant to sit flush with other curved wedding bands in a chic stack.

Jordan Diamond Ring

Jordan Diamond 3mm Wedding Ring

A chunky band and an east/west emerald-cut diamond create a modern, trendy look that’s perfect on its own and easily paired with other rings to create a chic stack.

Vera Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Chain Ring

Vera Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Chain Ring

An emerald cut diamond is east/west set along a lustrous chain ring in this unique and chic design.

Final Thoughts

If you value unique style, wear your love differently. Embrace the lateral display of an east west engagement ring. It’s easy and ethical when you shop your jewelry from Brilliant Earth and you can customize your east-west ring design to reflect your one-of-a-kind love.

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