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Couples Jewelry: 10 Romantic Ideas that Make the Best Gifts

Couples jewelry gives you the chance to tell a story with style. It’s a charming reminder that like your love for each other, the gift is shared. As an added bonus, showing that you intend to wear the other half of a whole makes that gifting moment so much more special. Learn more about how couples bracelets, rings, necklaces can be a romantic symbol of who you and your partner are — together and apart.

Why Get Matching Couples Jewelry?

When it comes to matching couples jewelry, you make the meaning. Matching couples jewelry can be a dramatic expression of how you feel complete with your partner (who doesn’t appreciate a pledge of eternal love?). It can say you’ve found your other half or that you belong to each other. And if you’re into those types of metaphors, the symmetry of your jewelry’s color, pattern, or design can imply that you’re equals in the couple, or it can represent how you bring each other harmony and balance. But your gift doesn’t have to be that serious. Corresponding jewelry can just be a cute nod to thinking of yourselves as two peas in a pod.

You can make this jewelry trend your own. While matching couples jewelry can signify a milestone or a promise, it can also be what you and your partner have in common. For example, the jewelry can be a symbol of shared values, such as adventure. The oneness can even honor an experience you both had, acting as a keepsake or memorial. Maybe the sameness is purely for fashion, as an acknowledgement of your appreciation for similar style.

You can interpret matching couples jewelry however you like. A gift always has more weight when it’s something you would choose for yourself.

Couples Jewelry: Cute or Cheesy?

It depends. The answer can be both, and that’s okay. Think about how your partner will perceive the gift. What will they think of how closely the jewelry matches? Will flaunting the same finish make you the envy of all relationship goals? Or will they think sharing accessories is tacky? (Don’t worry: there are ways around that. Keep reading.)

The sincerity and intent will come through in the context of the gift. It’s partly the when: are you gifting your couples jewelry on Valentine’s Day or a birthday, an early anniversary or one with high stakes? It’s a little bit of what: letters, numbers, and symbols all mean different things to different people. It’s also the why, so think about what you want the couples jewelry to say about your relationship. Do you need it to be evidence of commitment (or avoid it)?

Couples jewelry doesn’t have to be exactly matching to tell the world that you come in a pair. If it feels forced rather than sentimental, then your jewelry pieces can complement each other instead. Or, if you want to represent that each partner is their own person, your couples jewelry can have the same shape or finish in common, but each can be suited to the wearer. For example, you might mimic the essence of each other’s jewelry with a heart design or a gold band, but you vary the other elements, like the gemstone.

Even if your couples jewelry is two of the same piece, your partner can still put their spin on how and where its worn. In this case, your couples jewelry might physically represent how you’re alike, but different. You share certain qualities, but you’re independent.

Couples Jewelry Ideas

1. Signet Rings

Signet comes from the Latin word for sign, so if you’re looking for your couples jewelry to be a sign of your affection, look no further. Historically, the family crest on the ring was dipped in wax to seal documents, so you could say signet rings help seal the deal.

Perfectly Match With:

Classic Signet Ring

Complement Each Other With:

Petite Signet Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Feliz Petite Signet Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

2. Medallion Necklaces

Medallion necklaces were status symbols in Ancient Greece and Rome. Now you could say they’re relationship status symbols. The medallion’s resemblance to a gold coin implied wealth. As your couples jewelry, it can communicate how your partner enriches your life.

Perfectly Match With:

Sunrise Diamond Medallion in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Gemini Zodiac Diamond Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold


Scorpio Zodiac Diamond Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

3. Locket Necklaces

The locket is a classic choice for couples jewelry, protecting your cherished memories. Consider stashing shared pictures, love notes, or natural elements from significant places in your relationship. Then you can carry those sweet souvenirs with you everywhere you go.

Perfectly Match With:

Oval Frame Locket in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Oval Diamond Locket in 14K White Gold

Round Locket in 14K White Gold

4. Bangle Bracelets

When you want to put your heart on your sleeve, choose bangle bracelets for your couples jewelry. The closed circle can represent everyday love or everlasting love.

Perfectly Match With:

Engravable Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Engravable ID Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Engravable ID Bangle Bracelet in 14K White Gold

5. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets have an opening. While bracelets make less of a social statement than rings, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashion statement. When you’re looking to define a relationship on your own terms, two cuff bracelets make fitting couples jewelry.

Perfectly Match With:

Silhouette Cuff Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Silhouette Cuff in Silver

6. Tennis Bracelets

When you want to serve “love,” then matching couples jewelry is the perfect doubles partner. Tennis bracelets imply that you’re physically, emotionally, and fashionably linked.

Perfectly Match With:

Baguette and Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Beatrice Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold

Aster Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold

7. Engravable Jewelry

What better way to send a message than to have it in writing? Personalize your couples jewelry with engraved names (each other’s or your shared household name), an inscription of a favorite quote or lyric, or a call and response so that you’re always finishing each other’s sentences. Engravable jewelry is a customized gift, making it a true symbol that your love is one-of-a-kind.

Perfectly Match With:

Homme Engravable ID Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Engravable Bordered Disc Pendant in Silver

Engravable Starlight Diamond Pendant in Silver

8. Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you believe in happy ever after or happy right now, birthstone jewelry recognizes that the person is in your foreseeable calendar, so it’s always a thoughtful gift. If you wear the same size, you can exchange your couples jewelry to think of the other person (or their birthday).

Perfectly Match With:

Engravable Lab Ruby Bar Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Rae Peridot Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Pippa Sapphire Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

9. Minimalist Jewelry

Partners that stunt together, stay together. For the image of the sleek and chic power couple, opt for minimalist jewelry. It says so much by saying so little, so it’s perfect when you can’t find the words (or you eventually hope to).

Perfectly Match With:

Sorella Double Wedding Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Toggle Link Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil

Duality Cultured Pearl and Paperclip Chain Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

10. Charms

Charms are an easy gift solution when you’re looking for playful couples jewelry. Whether you choose to string together a myriad of adorable tokens (like shared pets or places), or opt for a single elegant memento, your giftee will be charmed.

Perfectly Match With:

Diamond Wishbone Charm in 14K White Gold

Complement Each Other With:

Engravable Diamond Heart Charm in 14K White Gold

Engravable Celtic Heart Charm in 14K White Gold

Final Thoughts

Couples jewelry is just right when you want something beautiful to represent what you’ve built together. But will your choice reflect your taste, your partner’s taste, or both? There is plenty of room to mix and match pieces to suit each other’s preference for size, style, color, and more. Brilliant Earth offers exclusive, unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. Browse our selection of couples jewelry to find the perfect fit for your partner and your relationship, or create your own.

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