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15 of our Most Popular Rings for Our 15 Year Anniversary

We are so excited to be celebrating our 15-year anniversary this month!

In August 2005, Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg founded Brilliant Earth because they believed that exceptional quality, ethically sourced jewelry can be an effective tool for social change.  They saw the unethical and irresponsible mining practices that confront the jewelry industry today and wanted to set a new standard for transparent and responsible sourcing.

From our Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds™, recycled gold, blockchain enabled diamonds, FSC certified packaging, membership in the Responsible Jewelry Council, the personalized shopping experience of our showrooms, industry-leading virtual features, and award winning designs, we are so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past 15 years.

In celebration of our anniversary, we’re looking back at 15 of our most engagement ring designs, from the beginning to now.

2005: Wide Band Solitaire

In the early 2000s, engagement ring wearers gravitated to traditional solitaire styles and lustrous white gold surged in popularity.

2006: Cathedral

Sleek precious metal bands were still all the rage in 2006. In the classic cathedral setting, the center gemstone is framed between elegant archways that gently taper upward towards the center gem.

 2007: Bezel Setting

With a growing affinity for sleek metal designs, the bezel setting fit in perfectly in 2007. A bezel setting features a stone that is fully surrounded by a thin border of precious metal, which holds the gem securely in place. This setting accentuates the gemstone for a contemporary look.

2008: Princess Cut

A nod to the 60’s, princess cuts reigned as the most popular fancy shaped diamond.

2009: Trellis

Features interwoven prongs that secure the diamond low in a basket. A more feminine departure from the wide solitaire settings, trellis settings bring even more emphasis to the center diamond.

2010: Sculptural Shapes

The sculptural rings that gained popularity in 2010 have clean lines and an understated glamour that still perfectly suit a contemporary style.

2011: Classic Halo

Halo designs with traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds were especially sought after in 2011, likely because of their romantic, timeless look that mirrored the style of Kate Middleton’s stunning royal ring from her wedding to Prince William that year. Halo rings have remained popular through the last decade, particularly because the halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger and more dazzling.

2012: Vintage Inspired

Vintage inspired engagement rings feature unique elements found in one-of-a-kind antique rings—such as hand engraving, milgrain, filigree, and ornate embellishment.  These styles gained popularity in 2012, a distinctly different trend compared to the sleek and simple rings popular in 2010 and 2011.

2013: Nature Inspired

Curving lines, delicate leaves, and flower motifs evoke the earth’s beauty in nature-inspired engagement rings.  One nature-inspired design that truly thrived in 2013, the Willow Diamond Ring, features wispy vines of precious metal and marquise diamond buds that bring the center gemstone to life.

2014: Twisting Silhouettes

In 2014, nature-inspired designs were reimagined as simple twisting vines that offered sleek sophistication and symbolized the intertwined lives of a married couple.  With entwined strands of diamonds and lustrous precious metal, the Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring and Chamise Diamond Ring create enchanting patterns that are elegant and chic.

2015: Distinctive Halos

While classic halo rings have been trending for many years, couples in 2015 sought a truly distinctive take on this style, updating the traditional design with elements like scalloping and floral patterns.  A great example of this trend is the Alvadora Diamond Ring, which features lavishly detailed latticework, a halo of diamond accents, and milgrain detail on the shoulders and gallery.

2016: Colored Gemstones

The desire for a distinctive ring carried over from 2015, with 2016 highlighting colored gemstones.  People gravitated towards an engagement ring with a vibrant sapphire or other colored gemstone as the center stone, helping it stand out from more traditional diamond engagement rings.  These distinctive gemstones lend an eye-catching and unique look to solitaires and other more traditional engagement ring settings.

2017: Rose Gold

2017 was all about rose gold for brides seeking a distinctive twist on a classic style and those drawn to the warm metal’s vintage look.  This alluring pink hued gold is universally flattering, and its soft warmth is particularly suited for a modern twist to classic diamond engagement rings or romantic, vintage-inspired looks.

2018: Pear and Oval Shapes

In 2018, people took note of celebrity engagement rings, and embraced elongated diamond shapes like pear and oval.  Pear shaped diamonds are a beautiful fusion of the traditional round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds that create a stunning teardrop shape.  Oval shaped diamonds are an ideal choice for those who love the dazzling brilliance of a round cut, but desire something more unique and elongated.  Celebrity engagement rings that inspired that year included Ariana Grande, Sophie Turner and Cardi B with gorgeous pear-shaped inspiration, and Devon Windsor, Zoe Kravitz and Hailey Baldwin for unique oval shaped styles.  Though the trend first took shape in 2018, it’s holding strong in 2020, with an extra focus on elongated shapes.

2019: Contemporary Take on Three Stone Rings

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement, three stone engagement rings have been gaining a lot of attention!  As the name implies, three stone rings, which are said to represent a couple’s past, present and future, boast a center gem accented by two diamonds or colorful gemstones on either side. 2019 saw increased interest in contemporary takes on a timeless three-stone engagement ring, with fancy-shaped accent gemstones including baguettes, trillions and pears paired with elegantly thin bands.

2020: Hidden Details

Who doesn’t love an element of surprise?  Hidden diamond halos, diamond accented galleries, and other unique details crafted beneath a ring’s center gemstone add extra sparkle and uniqueness to otherwise understated styles. These beautiful hidden touches are a trend that we know couples will continue to love far beyond the start of this new decade.

Final Thoughts

Here’s to many more years to come! Which of these fan favorite styles do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below or on our InstagramFacebookTwitter.

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