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Our Favorite Proposal Spots Around the U.S.


With engagement season underway, we can’t help dreaming about beautiful proposal locations!

To inspire you this season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite proposal destinations in each of our Brilliant Earth showroom locations across the U.S. To see some of our favorite unique locations for the perfect proposal, read on!

San Francisco Proposal Spots

Land’s End: This westernmost point of San Francisco includes a stunning natural terrain with gorgeous backdrops for an engagement. From the Cliff House’s coastal views, the ruins at the Sutro Baths to the classical architecture of the Legion of Honor Museum, there are plenty of spots for a picturesque proposal. For a particularly unique and scenic spot, take the leisurely hike to the stone labyrinth, created by local artist Eduardo Aguilera, for a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge as the proposal’s backdrop.

For a this outdoorsy proposal, consider a ring with subtle natural elements like the Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring.

The Bay Bridge Lights: Take in the world’s largest light installation, designed by Artist Leo Villareal, on SF’s Bay Bridge. A night-time viewing of these twinkling lights is a perfect way to propose in San Francisco. Lined with benches and glowing lamps, the dock at San Francisco’s Pier 7 offers a stunning view of the spectacular light show and other icons of San Francisco’s skyline, including the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower.

An illuminated proposal calls for a ring with sparkle to match. We suggest the Waverly Diamond Ring!

The Palace of Fine Arts: Who wouldn’t love to receive a proposal in a palace? Built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, this monumental open-air rotunda is flanked by beautiful grounds and ornate Romanesque pergolas that will make couples feel like they’ve traveled to another time and place. In the Presidio and Marina near the Palace of Fine Arts, there are also many cozy restaurants at which to celebrate after popping the question.

Match this palace proposal with a regal inspired ring. The Reina Diamond Ring in 14K rose gold features intricate diamond details and subtle borders of milgrain surrounding the center gemstone, matching the Palace of Fine Art’s rosy color and ornate carvings.

San Diego Proposal Spots

Sunset Cliffs: Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset over the ocean? Look no further than Sunset Cliffs for an epic engagement spot. The Sunset Cliffs Cave, Luscomb’s Point, or Claiborne’s Cove along the rugged coastline offer the perfect perch for romantic sunset views.

For a beachside proposal, consider a ring with swirling and shimmering natural elements like the Three Stone Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring.

Hotel del Coronado: San Diego is rich with beautiful architecture, yet the historic Hotel Del Coronado still stands out as a unique jewel. From swanky beach-front restaurants, romantic and cozy lounge areas to the legendary Crown Room, a proposal at the Del Coronado is a wonderful way to make it a festive and glamorous occasion.

A glamorous proposal at a historic location needs an equally glamorous vintage inspired ring. Consider the Morganite Cadenza Halo Diamond Ring to match the hotel’s vintage romance.

The Gondola Company: Bring a taste of Venice to San Diego with a proposal on a gondola. Both intimate and picturesque, a gondola cruise through the Coronado Cays is perfect for any couple with an extreme case of wanderlust. Pop a bottle of champagne on the boat for a beautiful evening spent gliding on the water.

For this unique proposal, we suggest the contemporary  Nouveau Diamond Ring with its exquisite chevron-shaped diamond band.

Los Angeles Proposal Spots

Topanga Canyon Hike: The top of Topanga Overlook is the obvious spot to pop the question, but anywhere along the miles of trails will be just as gorgeous. Explore the unique cave structures while hiking the winding routes in this beloved state park. When a moment presents itself for a breather, go down on one knee to pop the question!

For a proposal with stunning natural views, mirror the atmosphere with a beautiful nature inspired ring like the Petite Twisted Vine Halo Ring.

Sunset in Santa Monica:  With stunning cliffside views and endless blue ocean, there’s no bad place along the Pacific Coast Highway for a proposal. Consider revealing the ring at Hermosa Beach Pier, or in the charming Malibu or Pacific Palisades neighborhoods.

A classic beach proposal deserves a shimmering diamond ring. The Luxe Ballad Diamond Ring is as timeless as they come, with shimmering scalloped pavé diamonds that extend three-fourths of the way around the ring.

LACMA: For a Hollywood proposal with a stunning backdrop, consider the iconic Los Angeles County Museum of Art. From the immersive Rain Room to the glowing rows of the Urban Light exhibit, the LACMA marries the glamour of a bygone era with chic and contemporary elements.

A Hollywood proposal needs a ring fit for a star, and the Art Deco inspired Tapered Baguette Diamond Ring exudes glamour and elegance.

Chicago Proposal Spots

Promontory Point: Though Lake Michigan spans most of the city, Promontory Point is a peaceful escape in Chicago’s Burnham Park. Head South along Lakeshore Drive until you reach the University neighborhood and find the grassy strip of land jutting out over the rocks. On a sunny summer day this makes a beautiful spot for a proposal outside the bustle of the city.

When proposing in a park, a whimsical nature inspired ring like the Willow Diamond Ring is a perfect fit.

The Signature Room at the John Hancock: The 95th floor of the John Hancock building boasts spectacular views and a sophisticated bar and restaurant, making it a perfect proposal locale. Propose in classic style at this iconic landmark by pulling out all the stops – champagne, fancy dinner, and the city below.

A proposal over the shimmering lights of the city needs an equally sparkling ring, like the dazzling Valencia Diamond Ring!

Wrigley Field: Cubs fans rejoice over a beautiful day at historic Wrigley Field, and for a couple of diehard fans, a 7th inning stretch proposal is a sure way to make the game one they’ll always remember. Wrigley Field offers special VIP tours of the ballpark for couples who want a more private moment, or the option to broadcast a special message on the video board during a game, for those who want to shout their love from the grandstand!

A classic Chicago establishment calls for a classic ring, and a solitaire like the Elodie Ring fits the bill with its timeless elegance.

Denver Proposal Spots

Denver Botanic Gardens: A relaxed proposal in the oasis of the Botanic Gardens offers a stunning natural setting within the city. The Fragrance Garden, El Pomar Waterway, and Schlessman Plaza within the Ornamental Gardens are called the “Romantic Gardens” since they were the first gardens to host outdoor weddings – making it a meaningful setting for a proposal. Florals, fountains, and art formations create a beautiful backdrop for an engagement.

For this sweet garden proposal, consider a ring with unique floral elements like the Verbena Diamond Ring.

The Daniels and Fisher Tower: This historic 20-floor clock tower was once the tallest building in the American West and continues to be an iconic landmark on the Denver skyline. With clock faces on all four sides of the tower, couples can book a private tour of the tower for spectacular views of the city through the clock’s faces. A proposal here is sure to be memorable!

The Aura Diamond Ring with its dazzling diamond halo and floating center diamond would be a great match for this illuminated proposal.

Wynkoop Brewpub: Beer lovers rejoice in the laidback atmosphere of Wynkoop, a beloved local brewing company. In the heart of the city, this landmark pub boasts gorgeous exposed brick and rich hardwood details for an atmosphere that is both contemporary and cozy. This brewpub is the perfect proposal location for easygoing couples who want a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for their special moment.

For this laidback proposal, consider a streamlined style like that of the Linnia Diamond Ring, with its double rows of sparkling scalloped pavé diamonds.

Washington D.C. Proposal Spots

The Kogod Courtyard: Connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery, this courtyard is covered by an undulating glass canopy created by world-renowned architects for a stunningly contemporary proposal backdrop. The diamond-patterned glass ceiling provides a light-filled sanctuary from the bustle of the National Mall, and the perfect spot for couples interested in an Instagram-worthy engagement location.

For a stylishly modern proposal, consider a sleek ring with unique elements like the Reverie Ring.

The Tidal Basin: There is no more iconic area for a romantic stroll or bike ride than along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. This tree-lined waterfront area is the focal point of the Chery Blossom Festival every year and offers magnificent views of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. Strolling around the water at sunset when the lights from the memorial landmarks are shimmering on the water is the perfect setting for a proposal.

To match the stately historical monuments along the Tidal Basin, a ring like the Regency Diamond Ring, which embodies an elegant combination of modern and vintage design, is your best bet.

The Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral: Located next to the Washington National Cathedral, the Bishop’s Gardens consist of 59 acres of natural beauty – enough space to make it easy for any couple to find a private place to pop the question! The grounds are covered in flowering gardens, charming stone gazebos, acres of oak and beech forest and other beautifully landscaped areas, making it an ideal spot for romantic proposals.

A proposal in these blossoming gardens definitely deserves a floral inspired ring. The Lotus Flower Diamond Ring features a dazzling floral halo blooming around the center gemstone.

Boston Proposal Spots

The Boston Common Frog Pond: As the air gets colder, the Boston Common Frog pond will turn into an ice skating ring, perfect for a charming outdoor proposal. For couples that want to take it to the next level, the pond even offers a special VIP proposal package with solo time on the ice, a photographer and the couple’s song played over the speakers. This is an ideal proposal for hopeless romantics!

For a classic proposal under the shimmering snow and stars, a timeless ring inspired by the night sky like the North Star Ring is the perfect choice.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: The stunning indoor gardens of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, filled with exotic and vibrant plants, is a serene and intimate spot for a proposal. The courtyard in the gardens offers beautiful stone benches, alcoves, and arched columns, ideal for stepping away for a quiet moment.

A proposal in the tranquil garden needs a ring with elements like the shimmering diamond leaves of the Fiorella Diamond Ring to mirror the scenery.

The Boston Public Library: If your partner has ever fantasized about owning the library in The Beauty and the Beast, this may be the spot to propose! There’s something romantic about being surrounded by books and beautiful architecture, and the Boston Public Library has both in spades. The building is also rife with perfect photo ops like the center courtyard, the stunning architecture of Bates Hall, and the rows and rows of books.

The Aberdeen Diamond Ring embodies the whimsical spirit of a bookish proposal, while its Celtic knots and delicate scrollwork nod to Boston’s history.

Philadelphia Proposal Spots

Magic Gardens: If you’re interested in a unique and Insta-worthy proposal, look no further than Philly’s Magic Gardens art exhibit from artist Isaiah Zagar. This immersive mixed media environment is literally covered from top to bottom in intricate and interesting mosaics made from handmade tiles, glass bottles, mirrors, bicycle wheels and international folk art. Consider going on a weekday for more privacy, and be sure to buy your tickets in advance!

For an artistic and colorful proposal, consider a colored gemstone engagement ring with diamond accents like the Aquamarine Luminesce Diamond Ring in 14K rose gold.

Carousel at Franklin Square: One of Philadelphia’s charming four original squares, Franklin Square is full of adorable and fun activities ideal for a proposal. Delightfully atmospheric elements include a mini golf course (featuring a LOVE Sculpture replica), a fountain with a water show, and – the pièce de résistance – a glowing old-fashioned carousel. For even more twinkling lights and atmosphere, go during the holiday season!

Matching the bubbly joy of a whimsical carnival and soft glowing lights, the Effervescence Diamond Ring features sparkling diamond accents meant to mimic the bubbles in champagne – exactly the mood you’ll want to create for this charming proposal.

Fairmount Water Works: It’s not just called “water works” because your future spouse will shed happy tears during a proposal here – the Fairmount Water Works features gorgeous classical stone buildings and a restaurant right on the east bank of the Schuylkill River. The Mercury Pavilion gazebo at the Water Works looks like something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area, especially at sunset. The Water Works are also within walking distance of the Rocky Steps, if you feel like taking a victory lap after your “Yes!”

A modern classic, the Aria Diamond Ring is a great fit for a proposal among the stone columns of the Fairmount Water Works.

Final Thoughts

Have other proposal location recommendations in these cities? Let us know your favorite spots on our InstagramFacebookTwitter, or in the comments below!

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