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6 Celebrities with Stunning Sapphire Engagement Rings

Although the most buzzed about celebrity engagement rings more often feature diamonds (think the jaw-dropping dazzlers worn by Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston), a subset of stylish stars prefers the distinctive beauty of sapphire rings.  Check out the breathtaking blue (and yellow) gemstones worn by these A-list ladies:

photograph by Ricky Wilson, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.


Princess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton, famously wears the sapphire engagement ring once worn by the late Princess Diana. The ring features a vibrant oval sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds. (As you’ll see in our post on Royal Engagement Rings, colorful sapphires, rubies, and emeralds seem to be the go-to gemstones for European royals).

photograph by Joelle Maslaton, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.


The dazzling vintage sapphire engagement ring given to Penelope Cruz by husband Javier Bardem is reminiscent of the one worn by Princess Catherine.

photograph by LGEPR, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.


Fashion designer and former pop sensation, Victoria Beckham, has been gifted 13 engagement rings from soccer star husband David Beckham. Her eighth being a gorgeous round cut sapphire ring.

photograph by Mingle Media TV, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.


The large square sapphire given to Elizabeth Hurley by cricket-playing fiancé Shane Warne fits the glamorous style of the stunning British supermodel.

Classic Hollywood film legend, Elizabeth Taylor, donned many different engagement rings. Elizabeth’s second husband, Michael Wilding, proposed to her with a cabochon sapphire that featured a domed rather than faceted effect.


photograph by David Shankbone, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.


Fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen’s vintage engagement ring from Oliver Sarkozy features 16 dazzling sapphires.

Final Thoughts

Which of these sapphire engagement rings is your favorite?  Let us know on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, or in the comments section!

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Comments (25)

Susan Says:
August 8th, 2018 at 9:42 am

What a disappointment – show us the damn rings! What a bunch of click-bait.

Sanjeev Says:
March 16th, 2016 at 12:10 am

Nice blog post. Thanks for sharing this information with us

Corie Rodriguez Says:
July 26th, 2015 at 8:15 am

I love Prince Diana ring since she got married and I believe is pure elegance and distinction.

Lynn mitchel Says:
April 25th, 2015 at 10:27 am

My mom in late 70 got a sapphire with two diamonds surrounding it I always thought it was the most beautiful engagement ring

Monica Says:
April 19th, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Nothing surpasses the simple elegance of Princess Diana’s engagement, In my humble opinion.

Suzanne Says:
April 14th, 2015 at 7:03 am

I opted for a beautiful marquis cut Sapphire ring surrounded in smaller diamonds and set in yellow gold 22 years ago when my now husband and I got engaged. We couldn’t afford a diamond and honestly, I didn’t want one. we saw this ring and it was beautiful – my feeling was hey, if a sapphire is good enough for a princess (meaning Princess Diana at the time), then it’s good enough for me. We had a wedding band custom made to fit around the engagement ring. My husband has offered to have the sapphire replaced with a diamond many times. I told him never! This is the ring you gave me when you proposed…and the ring you gave me when we took our vowes before God…no way am I changing it!

Rhonda Says:
April 9th, 2015 at 11:30 am

I like the yellow saphire Jenny McCarthy is wearing. Donnie has great taste in saphires as well as ladies. Good job, Donnie.

lisa Says:
April 5th, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Sapphire should never be worn without consulting an astrologer.. It is a very powerful stone and if it does not suit you it can turn your life upside down. As it is very well known in India, it can turn a king into a beggar and vice versa. See Diane case, she was destroyed but Kate is progressing in her life. Be very careful which stone you chose.

Miss priss Says:
April 5th, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Bigger IS better and sapphires are the way to go! I have a huge stone and can judge people immediately by their reaction. If they see it and comment on it (usually with enthusiasm, like wow what a gorgeous ring!)I know to trust them, and if they see it and obviously refrain from commenting, or do a side eye thing, I know they are jealous, and not trustworthy, because they have a chip on their shoulder! Brice I’m talking to you! So far in the last few years 3 people have passed the test.

Mary Ann Says:
April 1st, 2015 at 7:59 pm

I love Chloe’s ring but I also love the duchess of Cambrige’s ring. I think that Diana would be so proud for her to wear it. She would have loved Catherine.

sherree Says:
March 29th, 2015 at 11:36 pm

I picked a ruby red stone for my ring with 20 small diamonds around it shaped as a heart.. I dont like catherines ring, dont no why, just dont

Savannah South Says:
March 27th, 2015 at 8:58 pm

Chloe Malle’s ring is unique, it’s so refreshing to see someone who’s not wearing a ring that’s saying “My ring is bigger than your ring” which is what I think women in Hollywood are doing now. Chloe is the daughter of a woman with so much grace looks like her daughter has good genes. The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing exactly the ring she should. The Prince must be very proud. I wear a 3 carat rose cut solitare and adore it for exactly what it means. I do forever!

Cheryl Says:
March 26th, 2015 at 3:35 pm

My husband gave me an emerald engagement ring because it was his birthstone. Very snazzy and lots of compliments. Someday, we’ll have to have the wedding ring re-set with opals to reflect my birthstone.

Judy Says:
March 25th, 2015 at 2:33 pm

My favorite is Chloe’s vintage ring,
2nd Penelope and Catherine’s are a tie because they are very similar
3rd Elizabeth
4th Jenny (love Yellow Sapphires!)
5th Carey
However, they are all gorgeous rings!

Nancy Says:
March 21st, 2015 at 8:43 am

My husband proposed with a gorgeous pink sapphire. I love it and everyone notices it. It’s cool not having what practically everyone else has.

Sunshine Says:
March 14th, 2015 at 8:26 am

Who is ‘princess Kate ‘ her official title is
Duchess of Camebridge …… Perhaps you could actually use her given title for once ?

David G. LeLacheur Says:
March 14th, 2015 at 7:18 am

I need to let you know. The former Kate Middleton is not a princess. There are rules to British Royal titles, Kate is the Duchesses of Cambridge, not Princes Kate.

Juerg Aeschbach Says:
March 12th, 2015 at 8:03 pm

No question here, Chloe’s ring is a very exquisite piece of jewelry. Chloe’s man knows that a georgeous woman deserves the very best.

bruce billstein Says:
February 24th, 2015 at 8:55 pm

Chloe Malle’s ring is the most amazing ring I have ever seen ! I am a sapphire man. Born in Sept

Dee Says:
February 22nd, 2015 at 11:46 am

Chloe, hands down…hands up in her case!

brice Says:
February 17th, 2015 at 3:16 pm

Can’t they at least not advertise their wealth. How disgusting.

Carol Says:
February 11th, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I think Chloe too. These giant rings remind me of childhood, hoping my prize was the huge “diamond” ring in a box of Cracker Jack. Bigger isn’t always better.

louise Foiles Says:
February 11th, 2015 at 11:38 am

I love the beautiful ring of Chloe Malley. It is so elegant.

lena brookd Says:
February 7th, 2015 at 5:59 am

Chloe malls – elegantly stylish!

heather gee Says:
February 5th, 2015 at 7:44 pm

Definitely, the ring belonging to Chloe Malle

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