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Holiday Proposal Ideas

Looking for the perfect occasion to pop the question?

Many couples get engaged over the holiday season as they can easily share the joyous news with family and friends. While peak engagement seasons lives between the festive weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, there are a number of celebratory days throughout the year to pop the question. Here are a few unique ideas to plan a flawless holiday proposal.

Valentine's Day Engagement

Thinking about a Valentine’s Day proposal?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to propose. It’s a holiday devoted to romance and love so it’s only natural that many couples choose February 14th to become engaged. If you’re thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day, you’ll certainly need to plan ahead of time due to the large number of other couples celebrating their relationship on that date. Read on to discover some of our favorite proposal ideas.

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

  1. Reserve a night at a romantic inn or bed and breakfast. Spend the day together enjoying your favorite activities. Consider visiting a nearby winery and wander through the vineyards. After a decadent dinner and romantic evening together, propose marriage first thing in the morning when your partner wakes up.
  2. Book a luxurious massage for your sweetheart to pamper her and get them out of the house for a few hours. While your partner is enjoying their Valentine’s Day treat, fill your home with long taper candles and rose petals, and softly dim the lights. When your partner returns, get down on one knee, pull out the ring, and pop the question.
  3. Coordinate with the florist to include a special message or even the ring with your bouquet delivery. Your partner will the shocked to discover the surprise proposal amongst the beautiful flowers.

Thanksgiving Engagement

Thinking about a Thanksgiving proposal?

Thanksgiving is a holiday of love, warmth, and celebrating how thankful you are for the many blessings in your life. For the family-oriented couples who celebrate the holiday surrounded with family, friends, and their favorite fall treats, Thanksgiving offers a perfect opportunity to get engaged. Discover some of our favorite Thanksgiving proposal ideas that are sure to express just how thankful you are for your future fiancé.

Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

  1. For many Americans, the night before Thanksgiving acts as a hometown reunion. If you’re spending time with old friends, wait until all your favorite people are near and pop the question.
  2. When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, prompt the room to go around the table and say what you are most thankful for. When it is your turn, use this opportunity to have a surprise proposal surrounded by the love and warmth of your family and friends.
  3. Take the morning before your family gathering to go on a walk or plan an outdoor activity. In an intimate and unexpected setting, pop the question with the colorful fall leaves making the perfect backdrop.

Christmas Eve Engagement

Thinking about a Christmas Eve proposal?

Whether you spend Christmas Eve surrounded by family and friends or at home cozied up by the fire, read on to discover some of our favorite intimate proposal ideas.

Christmas Eve Proposal Ideas

  1. If you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas Eve, what could be more romantic than a proposal in the snow? Whether you are having a snowman building contest, or a night stroll admiring the freshly fallen snow, this is sure to make a magical Christmas eve proposal. Follow up the celebration with a cozy night celebrating with family and hot chocolate.
  2. Christmas Eve is the perfect time to plan a night on the town in front of all the scenic window fronts. Following up a dinner at a fancy restaurant or a Christmas eve movie at your favorite theater, pop the question under the town center Christmas tree or beautiful twinkling lights.
  3. One of our favorite Christmas classics, hide the engagement ring in an ornament or small box under your Christmas tree. When you are all cozied up inside, ask for help with the finishing touches in decorating the tree with the most sparkly ornament of all (the ring)! This is sure to make a truly intimate proposal and fun surprise for your family to celebrate on Christmas morning.

Christmas Day Engagement

Thinking about a Christmas Day proposal?

Christmas is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged. There is just something magical about having the whole family gathered around to share in your new joy. Of course, for many of us, Christmas is about opening presents too, and there is nothing better than finding a small box nestled under the tree with a sparkling gemstone inside.

Christmas Day Proposal Ideas

  1. Purchase the ring several weeks ahead of the 25th and wrap the jewelry in slightly larger packaging. Without the tell-tale outline of the ring box, your partner will be completely caught off guard when they rip off the wrapping paper to reveal the sparkling surprise inside. Discover our most popular engagement rings for your Christmas proposal.
  2. Find a local caroling group and plan to have them perform your favorite Christmas songs in front of your home. As the choir serenades you both, surprise your future fiancé with a romantic Christmastime proposal.
  3. What could be more romantic than a winter wonderland? Weather you plan an indoor picnic by the fireplace or a magical backyard proposal in the snow, your partner is sure to appreciate your thoughtful execution of a romantic Christmas morning proposal. Stage your selected spot with cozy blankets, your partner's favorite treats, cider, and of course the engagement ring.

New Year's Eve Engagement

Thinking about a New Year's Eve proposal?

As the year winds down, celebrate your love with an epic proposal so you can kick off the next phase of your lives together. Everything about NYE screams "over the top," so if you’re the type of couple that is larger-than-life, a NYE proposal might be perfect for you.

New Year's Eve Proposal Ideas

  1. As you say goodbye to this year and look ahead to the future, drop to one knee, and ask for their hand in marriage just moments before the clock strikes twelve. Seal the deal with the sweetest midnight kiss.
  2. Plan a romantic night out on the town. Dinner, dancing, maybe a carriage ride... Or hire a driver to take you around your hometown in a glitzy limo. As the clock strikes midnight, tell your partner you can’t imagine your life without them, and ring in the year with the ultimate New Year’s Eve proposal.
  3. Incorporating your proposal into your new year's resolutions is a fun and unexpected way to pop the question. Ask your partner to make a joint list where you both go every other writing down your resolutions together. When it is your last turn, write down “will you marry me” for the ultimate surprise proposal.

New Year's Day Engagement

Thinking about a New Year's Day proposal?

There is nothing quite like a New Year’s Day proposal to start the year off right. If you and your partner have discussed getting engaged, they may have been expecting something over Thanksgiving or Christmas. Give them the ultimate surprise by popping the question to start off the new year.

New Year's Day Proposal Ideas

  1. With the NYE celebrations behind you, surprise your partner with an impromptu activity the next morning. Suggest a hike or neighborhood stroll to work off last night’s indulgences and propose when the moment feels right.
  2. Make January 1 brunch reservations ahead of time and pop the question over a late breakfast. Enjoy a quiet day together reveling in your newly engaged status.
  3. Take a trip down memory lane and go back to the place where if all began. Whether it is the restaurant where you had your first date or the town where you met, plan a trip to a sentimental spot to execute a memorable proposal.

General Proposal Tips

  1. Start thinking about the engagement ring early and set a budget that both you and your partner are comfortable with. Discover our Engagement Ring Buying Guide to get started.
  2. Make sure the ring is well hidden. One of the most fun parts of the proposal is the element of surprise! Start planning by learning how to secretly get your partner's ring size.
  3. Arrange to have your dearest family and friends nearby to help you celebrate if you can.
  4. Hire a photographer or trusted friend to capture the moment.
  5. Enjoy it! You may feel pressure to plan the perfect proposal but remember that this moment is about your unique relationship and celebrating finding your forever partner.

Are you ready to pop the question or think a proposal is on the horizon? Book an appointment at one of our showrooms to get started on designing your dream engagement ring.