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Model wearing variety of curved diamond wedding band and plain bands.

The ring is absolutely beautiful and sits perfectly against my engagement ring (Secret Garden band with a pear shaped diamond). It's also beautiful on its own. I love it more than I could have ever guessed.

Assortment of plain and diamond accented wedding bands.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the design and quality. This is my second purchase from Brilliant Earth and they'll be the only place I shop at for diamonds from now on.

Model wearing diamond bridal set and plain wedding band.

This ring is perfect. It is the wedding ring that I always wanted - and it was affordable. The ring came quickly, it fit perfectly, and it has the perfect amount of shine and character.

Model wearing gold diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, and assortment of fashion rings and bracelets.
Truthfully, it depends on your budget. While the long-standing three-month-salary rule has been debunked, buyers should still carefully consider what a comfortable cost for their wedding ring is – we don’t suggest starting your marriage with an out-of-budget design. The average wedding ring costs between $800 to $2,000: keep that in mind as you start your search. If you are considering price as well as who traditionally buys a man’s wedding ring, know that these days it’s typical for partners to purchase each other’s wedding rings – they're the first gift you’ll give to your new spouse.
The wedding finger is traditionally the ring finger of your left hand. That is, a wedding ring typically goes on the left hand on the finger between your pinky and middle finger. In ancient times, it was believed that the vena amoris (the vein of love) ran from the heart to the tip of this finger, hence its long-standing designation as the best place for a wedding ring.
Traditionally, women's wedding rings are worn beneath the engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger. Men should wear their wedding rings in the same place. To learn more, read our in-depth guides on how to wear wedding rings and how to wear engagement rings.
These days, it’s commonplace for partners to purchase wedding rings for each other. This balances out how much each person spends on wedding rings, as it is still traditionally the man who purchases the engagement ring to propose with.
Clean your wedding ring by soaking it in warm water and dish soap. Once it’s soaked for 5-10 minutes, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently brush away any dirt or buildup underneath the stones and along the inner edge of the band. This easy, at-home method works like a charm. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, bring your ethically-sourced Brilliant Earth ring into any of our showrooms and we’ll clean it in an ultra-sonic machine for you – free of charge.
The way you wear a wedding band and way you wear your engagement ring is totally up to you. Historically, the order is the engagement ring on top, wedding ring on the bottom. However, many choose to flip that around, or wear luxe wedding rings like eternity styles on both the top and bottom of their engagement ring.
A wedding band is a circle of metal, worn on the ring finger, that symbolizes the eternal commitment of marriage. To discover the history and proper way to wear a wedding band, visit our Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring blog.
Wedding rings symbolize the commitment of marriage. The way a wedding ring is intended to work is that you wear it for the first time during the ceremony of marriage and leave it on every day thereafter – displaying to your partner each and every day that you’re in it for the long haul. Read our guide to discover the best way to wear a wedding ring.
The color black can symbolize courage, power, and strength. In relation to marriage, a black ring can signify the power of love. If a couple both wear black rings, it demonstrates the strength of their bond and that they truly believe in the strength of their union.
The rule of thumb for ring tightness is that your design should slide over your knuckle with a small amount of resistance and sit snugly on your finger – not tightly. If a ring is too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear, and you should have it resized. And if you're having the opposite problem, read our What to Do if Your Ring is Too Big blog and Ring Size Guide.
Couples in Austria, Latvia, Russia, Norway, Poland, and parts of Spain and Portugal wear their wedding rings on the right hand. Reasons for choosing the right hand vary from country to country. Once you’ve determined which hand you’d like to wear your ring on, read our in depth blog to discover the right way to wear a both an engagement ring and a wedding ring.
Typically, an engagement ring features a large center stone while a wedding ring generally features many stones of the same size along half or the entirety of the band. Read our in-depth blog to discover the right way to wear an engagement ring.
Choose a design that matches your individual style. The most important factors to take into consideration after style are budget and materials. Ensure you define a budget that works for you and explore different types of gemstones and metals that fit within that. Read our extensive wedding ring guide to discover all things related to selecting your perfect ring.
You can insure your wedding ring by adding it onto an existing home insurance plan or by purchasing a separate, jewelry-specific plan. We work directly with Lavalier and recommend their services as a jewelry-specific insurer. Working with an insurance company that focuses on jewelry is beneficial in case anything does go wrong – the representatives you’re working with will be knowledgeable and experienced in your jewelry-specific case.
For centuries, men and women have worn their wedding rings on their left hand. In olden times, it was believed that a vein connected directly through the heart and down through the left ring finger - hence the romantic tradition. Some countries, however, do wear their wedding rings on the right ring finger, indicating that there isn’t necessarily a right way to wear your wedding ring - simply wear it where it’s meaningful to you!