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Perfect Push Present Ideas: Jewelry for New Moms

Welcoming a new addition to the world is no small occasion and no small feat. Push presents are the perfect opportunity to commemorate a memorable moment in a new mother’s life.

From traditional diamond designs to unique gemstone pieces and plain metal silhouettes, gifting jewelry is a classic and ever-welcome way to recognize the awe-inspiring and difficult path to parenthood.

What is a Push Present?

 Often referred to as ‘baby baubles’ or ‘baby mama gifts,’ push presents are unique gifts given to new mothers from family members and loved ones in gratitude for giving birth after nine months of pregnancy.

To mark the special occasion, push present jewelry will stand out from other gifts as a symbolic, meaningful, and from-the-heart piece.

When Did Push Presents Become a Thing?

Hundreds of years ago, the idea and ceremony of ‘push presents’ was born in India. There, new mothers were (and still are!) showered with jewelry, gifts, and presented with a feast of fruits and sweets upon the birth of their baby. In other places, like Greece, gold has historically been considered an auspicious gift for new mothers at the end of their pregnancy journey.

Push presents became trendy in the United States in the 1990’s when celebrities adopted the historic tradition and added modern, extravagant twists. Now, push presents are commonplace in pop culture to commemorate the extraordinary efforts of pregnancy and childbirth.

How Expensive Should a Push Present Be?

Quality is as important as meaning when considering a push present. Choose an item built to last a lifetime – like a mother’s love for her child – so she can treasure it always.

It truly takes a village, and whether you are choosing a gift for your daughter, your wife, your dear friend, or your sister, all push presents should represent the confirmation that your support is ever-present and unwavering. Each time the new mother in your life looks at your gift she should remember that you will unconditionally have her back.

Our jewelry designs range from sophisticated and budget-friendly items to glamorous, dripping-in-diamonds designs. Either way, ensure the gift is personalized via our engraving services or a thoughtful, handwritten note.

Why Jewelry is the Best Option for a Push Present

When designed with meaning and high-quality materials, gifting jewelry is both practical and special.

When chosen carefully, jewelry provides a new mother with an affirmation of who she is as it can be worn anywhere—during playtime, to the office, on brunch dates, and through late nights taking care their little one.

A fine jewelry design also lasts through the early years of motherhood and beyond, serving as reminder of the beginning of a life-long journey.

Gifting jewelry as a push present also gives the gift of an heirloom, something a mother can pass down to her children and onwards through generations.

The Best Types of Push Present Jewelry

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Push Present Jewelry

 When considering gifting jewelry to new mothers, it’s wise to consider the following:

Gift Ideas for New Moms

Now that you’re familiar with all things push present, take a peek at our selections and gift the new mother in your life something special.

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