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About Emerald Cut Rings

Emerald cut diamond rings feature one of the oldest diamond shapes, tracing back to the 16th century! Hence the name, the emerald cut was originally created for cutting emerald gemstones, but eventually diamond cutters took notice of this beautiful shape. Step cut, emerald shaped engagement rings offer a different type of beauty from classic round cut diamonds. They exhibit exceptional clarity and make for a distinctive look when set in fine jewelry. Emerald diamonds’ facets are rectilinear (made up of straight lines). This cut’s long, narrow facets produce a prismatic reflection as opposed to brilliance, evoking a house of mirrors or a staircase look. Quality is extremely important when searching for an emerald cut diamond, as this cut does not conceal imperfections well.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

This elegant diamond shape looks spectacular in a variety of setting styles. Whether set in an intricate vintage-inspired setting or set alongside glistening diamond accents, an emerald cut diamond engagement ring is sure to stand out. Since these diamonds are among some of the highest quality, we especially love the look of emerald cut solitaire engagement rings!

The rectangular facets of emerald-cut gemstones create a chic and elegant look, which is perfectly matched in these ring styles. Cut to showcase diamonds’ spectacular clarity, the emerald cut is the most sought after step-cut gemstone shape. Solitaires emphasize the clean lines of the emerald cut, while pairing with baguette diamonds or other side stones maximizes sparkle.

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