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About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Derived from the old mine cut diamond, the cushion cut diamond shape has been around for almost 200 years. The cushion cut originated from an antique cut that was at times called a “candlelight diamond,” because it featured large facets that were designed to sparkle in candlelight in the days before electricity. Cushion cut diamond rings’ get their name from their square diamond shape with softly rounded corners resulting in a pillow, or cushion, appearance. Soft, rounded edges lend to a soft and romantic feel. The proportions of a cushion cut vary, some appearing more long and narrow, others closer to square. Cushion cut engagement rings are the most popular choice for fancy shape diamonds.

This timeless gemstone shape features large facets that maximize brilliance, and rounded corners that create a soft and romantic feel. Cushion cut diamonds have been sought after for centuries due to their enduring sophistication. Especially popular in antique style settings, a cushion cut center diamond is an elegant choice.

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