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Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

How to Select the Perfect Anniversary Gift


Reminiscent of the day you said your vows, an anniversary ring symbolizes the unending love you share. Anniversary rings are often given on milestone years, such as your 10th or 20th, but are a beautiful gesture for any year.

The gift of an anniversary ring is as versatile as it is meaningful. Choosing an eternity band is a sparkling symbol of commitment, while a ring that has the same number of diamond or gemstone accents as years you have been married is a thoughtful reflection of your journey together. Selecting a band that coordinates with her engagement ring and wedding ring allows her to wear the three as a chic ring stack, while a ring of a different style can adorn her right hand. However she chooses to wear it, an anniversary ring is a gorgeous and sentimental gift.


A necklace is a classic anniversary present that she can wear every day. A pendant in the shape of a heart or infinity sign is a meaningful gift, while a diamond pendant is a timeless choice.

If you want to personalize the gift, consider selecting a necklace with a center gemstone that is meaningful to you and your spouse. A necklace featuring your or your spouse's birthstone, for example, is a popular choice. Keep in mind what precious metal your spouse wears most often- she may prefer platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold, or silver. A necklace is a wonderful anniversary gift, as the options are almost limitless. You can even start a tradition of giving her a new necklace for each anniversary, so her collection grows in unison with your life together.


Earrings are the most popular gift for anniversaries. A pair of diamond or gemstone studs that can be worn every day are a classic choice, while a more unique design can be an ideal marker for a milestone anniversary. If your spouse loves all things floral, a pair of nature inspired earrings is sure to please. If she treasures sleek and modern silhouettes, a pair of bezel-set gems will be right up her alley.

One of the best things about anniversary earrings is that there is no need to stop at just one pair! Start with classic diamond studs, and slowly build her collection as your years together grow. Mark a milestone year such as your fifth, tenth, or twentieth anniversary with a luxe pair of halo studs, sparkling diamond hoops, or stunning drop earrings. Whichever pair you select, earrings are a beautiful gift from the heart.

Anniversary Gift Guide

Since their origin in European courts, gifts of particular precious metals or gemstones associated with each anniversary year have grown in popularity. Use the timeline below to find the perfect gift for your upcoming anniversary.


1 Year: Gold

The first year of marriage is filled with precious memories, and the gift of something gold is a fitting way to commemorate them. For a classic first anniversary present, choose a piece of jewelry in yellow or white gold. Consider rose gold for a more distinctive look, especially popular in contemporary or vintage styles.

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2 Year: Garnet

The traditional gemstone for a second wedding anniversary is garnet. Treasured since antiquity for its versatility, garnet comes in a myriad of colors, but its most famous hue is a deep, pomegranate red. Draw upon the beauty of this gemstone's storied history by selecting a vintage ring for your loved one. If you're searching for something modern, our garnet pendant and earrings are a beautiful choice.

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3 Year: Pearl

Pearls, the traditional gems of third wedding anniversaries, are unique in that they originate in the sea. They've been treasured since ancient times, and they're so naturally lustrous that they require no cutting or polishing. Pearl earrings and pendants are among the most classic jewelry pieces, ensuring your third anniversary gift is a piece she can wear forever.

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4 Year: Topaz

Topaz comes in a myriad of colors, but the hue most popular with fourth wedding anniversaries is its buoyant blue shade. Topaz has relatively high clarity and brilliance, making it shine beautifully in the center of rings, necklaces, and earrings. It is also an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, ensuring its durability.

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5 Year: Sapphire

Sapphires, which have historically symbolized truth and loyalty, are the traditional gemstones of fifth year wedding anniversaries. Available in nearly any hue, from regal blues to feminine pinks, sapphires can suit many styles. A sapphire anniversary band is a classic gift that is sure to please. Sapphire pendants and earrings are also lovely, time-honored gifts. Brilliant Earth sapphires are an eternally popular fifth anniversary present.

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10 Year: Diamonds

A ten year wedding anniversary is truly a milestone occasion, so it naturally follows that the traditional gemstones for the occasion are diamonds. Prized since antiquity for their brilliant sparkle and superior hardness, diamonds adorn many of our most sought after jewelry pieces. A diamond ring is both sentimental and beautiful, often reminiscent of the day you exchanged rings years before. Diamond earrings, whether classic studs, sophisticated drops, or glamorous hoops, are also a beautiful choice.

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15 Year: Ruby

A fifteenth wedding anniversary is a banner occasion, and is traditionally associated with the ruby. The ruby is a long-treasured gem that historically symbolized prosperity and peace. Prized for their hardness and durability as well as their deep, red hue, rubies are the center stone in many of our most sought after vintage pieces. They feature prominently in geometric Art Deco styles, as well as larger-than-life Retro designs. Ruby jewelry is timeless, and selecting a vintage ruby ring is a beautiful way to celebrate your history together on your 15th anniversary.

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20 Year: Emerald

The official gemstone of 20th anniversaries is emerald, whose luminous green hue has also led to its recognition as the gemstone of royalty. Our collection of vintage emerald rings features remarkable designs that are a beautiful way to commemorate your 20th anniversary. Whether the allure of an exquisite Victorian design or the mystic artistry of an Art Nouveau style speaks to you, an antique emerald ring is a gift that is at once timeless and one-of-a-kind.

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