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commitment to traceability

our practices

Brilliant Earth’s chain of custody protocols are designed to provide our customers with more transparency and greater confidence in the integrity of the origin of their diamonds. We use these protocols to carefully vet and approve each diamond supplier to determine if they have the necessary capabilities to track and segregate diamonds based on origin. Our diamond suppliers are required to demonstrate conformity to these chain of custody protocols in their supply chain and verify documented due diligence of the origin of natural diamonds from Canada, Russia and Botswana Sort.

We perform ongoing evaluations of our suppliers, which may include conducting in-person reviews of their systems and third-party audits. We work closely with our suppliers to continuously improve their systems. If a supplier is unable to meet our requirements, we would implement a corrective action plan and terminate the supplier if warranted. Limitations exist for tracking diamond parcels with Botswana Sort origin based on the restrictions of the mine operator’s disclosures and methodologies for allocation and trading of rough diamonds from the mine operator’s sightholders. We partner with sightholders to confirm their practices for this origin within these limitations.

We are continuously improving our processes and working with our partners toward ever more rigorous procedures to give maximum assurance of our country of origin verifications. Our goal is to work with our suppliers and industry partners to continue leading the diamond industry in traceability.

chain of custody protocols

Our suppliers are carefully vetted and approved for their ability to meet the following requirements.

Suppliers shall have a system designed to ensure natural diamonds are sourced from Brilliant Earth-approved countries of origin and provide a description of how diamond sources are vetted and approved.
tracking & identification
Suppliers shall have a system and documented process in place that tracks and identifies received, inventoried, and dispatched diamonds. Tracking and identification practices employed by Suppliers shall be designed to ensure that diamonds can be tracked back to their original respective rough receipts.
inventory & segregation
Suppliers shall have a robust inventory system for diamonds. Suppliers shall maintain records and have procedures to identify, track, and segregate Brilliant Earth eligible diamonds from other inventoried diamonds.
Suppliers shall have records kept on file demonstrating conformance to these protocols.
Description of Operations
Suppliers shall provide a description or diagram of operations showing all pathways of incoming and outgoing diamonds.
purchasing & receipt
Suppliers shall have a standardized procurement and purchasing procedure, and maintain robust documentation regarding the provenance of a diamond.
quality assurance & corrective action procedures
Suppliers shall have quality assurance and non-conformance procedures to verify all incoming/outgoing diamonds and ensure identification and traceability.
sales & outgoing material
Suppliers shall track all outgoing diamonds and provide a list of the natural diamonds purchased by Brilliant Earth for the specified time period.

our compliance checklist

Incoming product is controlled
with tracking systems
Products are managed internally
to ensure traceability
Outgoing product is accurately

our diamond origins

We go beyond the usual standard to offer natural diamonds that our select group of suppliers source from Canada, Botswana Sort, and Russia.

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