Brilliant Earth provides fine jewelry from ethical, pure sources— jewelry that you can truly be proud to wear.

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Founded in 2005, Brilliant Earth is devoted to cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry.

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Few of the world’s diamonds meet Brilliant Earth’s standards for ethical, pure sourcing and exceptional quality.

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We donate 5% of our profits to help transform the lives of those who have been harmed by the diamond industry.

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Learn how to choose the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or other jewelry that you’ll treasure forever.

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Behind the sparkle, the jewelry industry is plagued by human rights abuses and environmental destruction. Brilliant Earth is passionate about reforming harmful industry practices to create a brighter future.


Diamonds are tied to a history of human rights abuses and poverty. The industry's current "conflict free" standard does little to address ongoing violence, worker exploitation, and child labor.

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Dirty gold mining devastates the environment, leaving behind massive amounts of mercury, cyanide, and rubble. These poisons seep into water and air across the world, putting millions at risk.

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Gemstone mining communities are suffering from poor safety standards and corruption that devastates local economies. A lack of regulation allows untraceable gems to enter US markets freely.

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