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The Inspiration Behind our Nature X Collection

The newest collection from Brilliant Earth, Nature X, is a dazzling assortment of rings that express the motion, dynamism and majesty of nature.

An “extraordinary” collection, our designers allowed their imaginations to run a little more wild and free when dreaming up these designs. This type of collection is dramatic and uses extravagant diamond accents to go beyond the everyday and reveal something special. Every ring highlights the change and transformation that makes the natural world beautiful and captivating.

When dreaming up this collection, Brilliant Earth’s lead designer Omar Portigliatti kept in mind that jewelry can be an emotional purchase and a “reminder of love.” These emotions inspired him to imagine joyful and serene moments found in nature that he translated into beautiful and memorable designs. As he was designing the Nature X collection, he envisioned sensory displays of nature such as watching the sunset on a warm evening, hearing summer rain falling gently on a tin roof, or experiencing the vibrant colors that emerge in springtime. His hope is that a ring from the Nature X collection will remind the wearer of those instinctively romantic and pure moments in life.

The idea for these nature inspired rings bloomed from one particular design: the intricately beautiful Secret Garden Diamond Ring. Omar describes the Secret Garden Diamond Ring as the “genesis of the collection theme and aesthetic.” This design is inspired by winding branches covered in floral buds climbing a trellis, which gives the ring an airy and elegant quality. He shared that, “as soon as I put the Secret Garden on paper, everything else made sense.”


With articulated drops dangling from a distinctively shaped floral halo, the Summer Rain Diamond Ring expresses the movement of rain droplets dewing on flower petals. Ryan Atlas, Director of Product Development, especially appreciates that the design is unexpected with “surprise diamonds that dangle and catch light underneath the four points of the halo.” This ring is unique and somewhat experimental, in that it is the first ring the team has designed with movement – in this case, the dangling accents.

The Blooming Rose Diamond Ring captures the graceful motion of a rose unfolding from bud to blossom. The unique design features dual layers of pear diamonds that form a halo around the center gem. Of the two-halo design, CAD designer Lee McGirr noted that, “the staggered design gives each pear cut its own space to shine and very beautifully mimics the petals of a blooming flower.”

The Winding Ivy Diamond Ring has a similar sense of animated motion, with two vines that encircle the center stone. The Product Development team’s CAD manager, Raina Tan, loves this ring because, “it’s playful, sparkles, and is stunning!”

Clusters of diamonds represent sweet blossoms dotting a tree branch on the Summer Blossom Diamond Ring. The design was inspired by the sudden bursts of color that accompany new flowers and plants blooming in the spring and summer.

Final Thoughts

Like a blooming flower or dazzling dew drop frozen in time, these pieces capture the dynamic abundance of the natural world. Diamonds bloom on stems of lustrous precious metal to create spectacular nature inspired designs. To view all of these gorgeous settings, visit the Nature X collection on our website.

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