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proposal guide

When Will You Pop the Question?

Many couples choose to become engaged over a holiday so they can easily share the joyous news with family and friends. While the festive weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s comprise the main proposal season, there are a number of celebratory days of the year to pop the question. Here are a few unique ideas to plan a flawless holiday proposal.


contemplating a christmas proposal?

Christmas is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged. The map below shows the increasing frequency of proposals that occur Christmas week. There’s just something magical about having the whole family gathered around to share in your new joy. Of course, for many of us, Christmas is about opening presents too, and there’s nothing better than finding a small box nestled under the tree with a sparkling gemstone inside.

christmas proposal ideas

  1. Purchase the ring several weeks ahead of the 25th and wrap the jewelry in slightly larger packaging. Without the tell-tale outline of the ring box, she’ll be completely caught off guard when she rips off the wrapping paper to reveal the sparkling surprise inside.
  2. Find a local caroling group and plan to have them perform her favorite Christmas songs in front of your home. As the choir serenades you both, surprise her with a kiss followed by a romantic Christmastime proposal.

new year’s eve

considering a new year’s eve proposal?

As the year winds down, celebrate your love with an epic proposal so you can kick off the next phase of your lives together. Everything about NYE screams "over the top," so if you’re the type of couple that is larger-than-life, a New Year’s Eve proposal might be perfect for you.

new year’s eve proposal ideas

  1. As you say goodbye to this year and look ahead to the future, drop to one knee and ask for her hand in marriage just moments before the clock strikes twelve. Seal the deal with the sweetest midnight kiss.
  2. Plan a romantic night out on the town. Dinner, dancing, maybe a carriage ride... Or hire a driver to take you around your hometown in a glitzy limo. After your midnight smooch, tell her you can’t imagine your life without her, and launch into the ultimate New Year’s Eve proposal.

new year’s day

contemplating a new year’s day proposal?

There’s nothing quite like a New Year’s Day proposal to start the year off right. If you and your sweetheart have discussed getting engaged, she may have been expecting something over Thanksgiving or Christmas. Give her the ultimate surprise by asking for her hand in marriage right at the start of the new year.

new year’s day proposal ideas

  1. With the NYE celebrations behind you, surprise her with an impromptu activity the next morning. Suggest a hike or neighborhood jog to work off last night’s indulgences and propose when the moment feels right.
  2. Make January 1 brunch reservations ahead of time and pop the question over a late breakfast. Enjoy a quiet day together reveling in your newly engaged status.

valentine’s day

Thinking about a Valentine’s Day proposal?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to propose. It’s a holiday devoted to romance and love so it’s only natural that many couples choose February 14th to become engaged. If you’re thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day, you’ll almost certainly need to plan ahead of time due to the large number of other couples celebrating their relationship on that particular date. The map below shows the swell in engagements on Valentine’s Day.

valentine’s day proposal ideas

  1. Reserve a night at a romantic inn or B&B. Spend the day together enjoying your favorite activities. Consider visiting a nearby winery and wander through the vineyards. After a decadent dinner and romantic evening together, propose marriage first thing in the morning when she wakes up.
  2. Book a luxurious massage for your sweetheart to pamper her and get her out of the house for a few hours. While she’s enjoying her Valentine’s Day treat, fill your home with long taper candles and rose petals, and softly dim the lights. When she returns, get down on one knee, pull out the ring, and ask her to marry you.


considering an easter proposal?

On a balmy day in early spring, there’s hope and wonder in the air. If you’ve ever thought about doing an Easter proposal, there are plenty of fun ways to pop the question!

easter proposal ideas

  1. Tuck the ring in an Easter egg and send her on the ultimate scavenger hunt! Put written clues in plastic eggs that eventually lead her back to you, down on one knee with the final egg in hand.
  2. Break Lent by preparing her a decadent breakfast in bed and place the ring on the tray in plain sight. Celebrate your engagement over brunch with your families, toast with champagne, and enjoy lots of Easter chocolates.

Memorial Day

Thinking about a Memorial Day Proposal?

Celebrate the start of summer with an upbeat Memorial Day proposal. Many couples choose to spend the day off work outside in the sunshine with good food and friends. Maybe you have the ocean or a lake nearby for some swimming or boating.

memorial day proposal ideas

  1. Plan an outdoorsy BBQ picnic on Memorial Day and surprise her with the ring as the sun is setting and the hot summer day turns to dusk.
  2. Jet away for a long weekend together. Enjoy the time off from work. On the last morning of your vacation, take her to a secluded spot with a gorgeous view and propose at dawn.

independence day

Planning an Independence Day Proposal?

What’s more celebratory than announcing your engagement with a round of fireworks? If this summertime holiday is a favorite for you and your love, the Fourth of July is a great opportunity to pop the question.

Fourth of July Proposal Ideas

  1. Head to a local fireworks show together. Bring a blanket and a tasty picnic and settle in as the sky grows darker. You can either opt to surprise her moments before the performance starts and revel in your newly engaged status as the fireworks pop overheard, or you can propose as the show winds down.
  2. Plan a fun outdoor BBQ with family and friends in honor of the holiday. When everyone is gathered around, give a toast to your beloved and propose marriage in front of all your loved ones.


Hoping to Pull off a Halloween Proposal?

Some people regard Halloween as the most important holiday of the year. The spooky costumes, the creepy decorations, and buckets of candy make for a memorable day to get engaged. Most women would agree that ANY costume looks better with a ring on her finger.

Halloween Proposal Ideas

  1. Plan a cute couple’s costume and surprise her with an unexpected proposal in the middle of a Halloween party surrounded by friends.
  2. If you’ve decided to stay home and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, plan ahead to have a young family friend surprise her at the door. After giving a piece of candy to the child, have the kid present her with the ring.


Thinking about a Thanksgiving Proposal?

For those family-oriented folks who like kicking back with a plate of food and watching football on TV, Thanksgiving offers a nice opportunity to get engaged. You family is likely already gathered together for the big feast, so the setting is perfect. Just wait until the moment is ripe, the tone is cheerful, and ask for her hand surrounded by your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

  1. For many Americans, the night before Thanksgiving acts as a hometown reunion. If you’re spending time with old friends, wait until all her favorite people are near and pop the question.
  2. On the morning of Thanksgiving, plan an active, outdoorsy activity to work up an appetite for the afternoon meal. When it’s just the two of you, away from the craziness of family and cooking and football, pull out the ring and ask her for her hand in marriage.