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Virtual Ring Try-On: Find the Ring Style That's Right for You

An innovative virtual experience, our easy-to-use tool allows you to try on an endless array of Brilliant Earth rings – no matter where you are.

Whether you're fully diving into ring shopping or simply curious about which styles best suit you, our virtual try-on tool is a cutting-edge way to visualize your dream design. With high-quality renderings in realistic proportions, our tool enables you to picture exactly how a ring looks on your hand – so you can find your perfect style from anywhere. Options to modify factors like shape, size, metal type, and overall aesthetics let you try an array of styles and find your perfect ring. 

Our tool can also help the selection process become more streamlined, whether you plan to book an in-store appointment or virtual consultation. Sharing your ring preferences allows for more time to focus on selecting fine details and receiving personalized advice on diamond education, processes, timelines, and more when meeting with one of our jewelry experts.

How to Virtually Try on Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

1. Browse our collection of distinctive, carefully crafted engagement rings or wedding rings on your mobile device.

2. Choose your favorite and tap the "Virtual Try On" button located below the ring images.

3. Upload a clear photo of your hand from your library or take one in real-time.

4. After uploading the photo of your hand, your selected ring will appear overlaid on it.

5. Pinch the screen to resize the ring to fit your finger properly.

6. Tap and drag the ring to position it correctly on your desired finger.

7. For engagement rings, adjust the carat weight by sliding the bar beneath the image, or change the center stone shape and metal type from the dropdown menus below the carat slider. You can use this same feature to modify the metal type when trying on wedding bands.

8. To view the engagement ring paired with a wedding band, tap the green ring icon at the bottom right corner to create a stack.

9. Once you've made your decision, click "Shop" to exit the virtual try-on experience and add your perfect piece to the cart.

10. Click on 'Save and Share' to email it, send it to one of our expert consultants, add it to your wishlist, or download it to your phone.

Photo of a hand leveraging our virtual try on experience

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Virtual Appointments

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